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Go to that link for a detailed, scientific answer as to why we cannot see it. The simple answer is we are way too far away !...........I'm sorry, but I am an Astronomy major and the statement that we could not even see it with the hubble telescope is completely untrue. However, the answer is NO, you cannot see it from Earth, even with a powerfull telescope.

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What can the Hubble telescope see?

You can see Earth, Mars, the Moon and galaxies!

Can you see Saturn from the moon?

You can but you will need a telescope, it is just like seeing it from earth but on the moon.

Can we see titan Saturn's moon from earth?

Yes, but not without a telescope.

What other moon can you see from earth?

Our moon is the only moon visible from earth with the naked eye. With a good personal telescope, it is possible to see 4 of Jupiter's moons.

Can you see Apollo 11's flag on the moon?

It depends on from where or when you mean. You cannot see the flag from Earth. You can see it in pictures from the mission. You cannot see it with a telescope. It also may not even exist anymore, having probably decayed after 40 years in direct, unfiltered sunlight.

Can you see the flag on the moon?

No. The flag is far too smal for even the largest telescopes to see. Even the Apollo landers are too small. The smallest objects that we can see from the earth using the Hubble telescope are boulders or craters many metres across. Hopefully, when telescopes get even bigger, and when we have better observation satellites orbiting the moon, we may have success then.

If you live inside the earth how would you able to see stars and moon and sun?

i will use the telescope

Can near earth asteroids crash into the moon?

Yes as a matter of fact they can hit the Moon. Take a look at the Moon through a telescope and you will see what I mean.

Do you need a telescope to see Uranus from earth?

Sometimes. On a dark night, without moon and with little light pollution, you can see Uranus IF you have good eyesight. Otherwise, you need a telescope.

What can you see on the moon with no telescope?


Can you see any manmade objects on the Moon from Earth?

No. The Moon is simply too far away for that to be possible, even with a telescope as powerful as Hubble.

When Galileo looked at the moon with a telescope what did he see?

He could see the craters on the moon.

How do you see the moon with a telescope?

Look into the telescope and keep moving it until you see a white circle

Can the earth be seen at night with a telescope?

Depends where you are with with the telescope. If you are on Earth, technically because you can point the telescope at the ground and you can see Earth, but to be scientific, no.

What sites can you see on the moon from from earth?

Without using a telescope or binoculars you can see the highlands, mare and some impact craters (eg Tycho).

Can you see Neptune from Earth with a telescope?

Yes, it was discovered with a telescope.

Can you see moon with a 30x telescope?


Can you see earth through a telescope?

Sure, if you aim the telescope downwards at the ground. You can see it without a telescope too. You're standing on Earth right now.

How do you see Europa the moon?

You will have to use a telescope to see Europa.

What can you see on earth from the moon?

The Earth.AnswerOceans, clouds, forests. Without a telescope, not much. On the night side of Earth, the lights of the cities are plainly visible. With a big telescope, you'd be able to see more details of the terrain, the Grand Canyon, the Great Lakes, the larger islands and so on.

Can you see earth at night with a telescope?

we live on earth, you can see it if you just look down at the ground without a tekescope. you can see STARS at night with a telescope.

Why the moon disappears on new moon day?

Because the moon is between the sun and the earth. During a new moon, you see the shadow of the moon, usually against a daytime sky, which makes the moon virtually invisible without a telescope.

What can you see of the moon with a telescope?

You can see pretty things and cool things.

Which scope might help you see the moon?


Can you see Saturn's moon titan without a telescope?


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