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Q: Can you see the white of my eyes?
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Do jellyfish see in black and white?

No. Jellyfish do not have eyes, so they cannot "see."

Why do you see white light?

White light is a mixture of different frequencies, that are within the range of light our eyes can see.

What has eyes but can not see brown on the outside and white in the inside?

A potato

Can you tell if someone is a vampire?

you can see the white skin and brown eyes

What allows you to see the world in color?

your eyes make you see all the coors and not black and white

Why do you see white object?

Light is made up of all the colours in the spectrum (rainbow). We see white objects because the white is reflected off the object and into our eyes.

Do gerbils see in black and white or in colour?

Yes. But most of the time when they are white they have red eyes orsometimes called pink eyes and if they have a black/brownish tail they can have black eyes. Just depends

What sort of eye do ladybugs have?

So ladybugs have white eyes that makes them see better than other animals. i guess their eyes are white to scare away their prays.

How is china white cut?

they cant see b/c of their eyes.:p

Do guinea pigs see in black and white?

Yes. Guinea Pigs can see in color.

What could cause you to see white flashes in your eyes?

Someone flashing a torch in front of them

When you close your eyes you sometimes see a white kidney shapes?

its called entoptic phenomenon