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If you want to sell, you need to check local and state laws, but as far as Federal law is concerned, you can sell face-to-face to a resident of your own state who is not prohibited from owning a firearm (over 18, no felony convictions, etc.). To sell to someone in another state, you will have to send it to a FFL dealer in the state of the buyer for delivery to the buyer. One way to sell without worrying about all the laws is to sell it to a licensed dealer or have a dealer sell it on commission. Another way is to list your firearms for sale at and then have national exposure for your item.

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Can you sell a gun to another private individual in Georgia?

Yes. Whether you should depends on if you plan on following all the appropriate local, state and federal laws.

Where can i sell my savage model 23d?

You should be able to sell your Savage at any gun store,to another individual,on gun,or auction arms,etc.

What is a gun private sell in Texas?

When a person that is not a dealer sells a gun to another non-dealer. Both must be residents of Texas.

How do you transfer a hand gun?

For individual private sell there isn't a requirement but if you really want to contact your local ATF agency and report the transfer.

How does a private party sell a hand gun?

It depends on where you are. In some U.S. states, you can sell a handgun between private parties with no paperwork. In some states, you have to go through a gun dealer.

Who can legally sell a gun privately in the state of Oklahoma?

A private citizen of Oklahoma can sell a firearm to another resident of Oklahoma. They may also sell to a dealer or collector in any state if they hold a Federal Firearms License. The sale cannot be to a person you believe is unable to own a gun.

What is a gun private sell?

A private sale (legal in most of the US) is when one private citizen sells a gun to another private citizen. Both must be from the same state. This is opposed to a sale that involves a firearms dealer. Example- my neighbor and I hunt together. He likes a shotgun I have, and wants to buy it from me. He gives me the money, and I give him the shotgun.

How do you sell a hand gun?

It depends on where you are. In some U.S. states, you can sell a handgun between private parties with no paperwork. In some states, you have to go through a gun dealer.

Were can you sell the Remington targetmaster model 41?

You can sell your gun anywhere it is legal to sell. For example you could take it to a Pawn or Gun shop and sell it there. However, the amount of money they will give you for it will be significantly less than if you did a private sale. You have to keep in mind that both Pawn and Gun shops purchase guns for basically wholesale prices and sell at retail. Normally you would only get about 50%-75% of the private party sale value by selling to the Pawn or Gun shop.

How can you find out if a gun is stolen before you purchase it from a private individual?

Go to your local police with the sn.

How do you sell an inherited handgun in Arkansas?

You may sell it to a dealer, have a dealer sell it for you, or you may sell it directly to another resident of Arkansas so long as they are old enough to buy a handgun, and you do not have reason to believe the buyer is not able to legally own a gun. If the gun is being sold to someone in another state, the gun must be sent TO a gun dealer in that state.

Where can you sell your World War 2 rifle in paducah KY?

You can sell it to a gun shop or pawn shop (or sell it on consignment through either one), or you can do a private sale.

Where can you sell used firearms?

In most U.S. states, you can sell to any other individual who isn't a felon. You can also sell to a dealer, and you can sell online on a gun aucton site like

How can you sell a handgun in Tennessee?

You can sell a handgun to anyone that lives in the same state that can legally possess the gun. You can sell a handgun in TN to another individual if you both live in TN by giving the person the gun and taking the money. There is no requirement for any paperwork, contrary to popular belief. You can, if you choose to, go to a gun store and process a transfer through the gun store. That is not in any way required by law in TN. Most gun shops will process "off the street" transfers, but a few will not, and there will be a fee of some kind, usually $25 to $100 depending on the shop.

How do you sell a gun from one individual to another?

It depends on where you are. In the U.S. most states do not require any paperwork on a person to person sale. Some people prefer to have a gun shop process the transaction so there is an "official" record of the sale, but that isn't required in most states.

Where can you get a gun?

A gun shop. A gun show. A private seller.

Is it legal to sell your own gun n rifle collection?

Depends on the laws where YOU live- and you did not tell us where that is. In MOST of the US, it is legal for a private citizen to sell a firearm to another resident of their home state, so long as you have no reason to believe that person is barred from owning a firearm.

Can you sell a gun privately in Tennessee?

Like MOST US states, a resident of Tennessee may legally sell a firearm to another resident of Tennessee so long as the buyer is an adult, and the seller does not have cause to believe the buyer is prohibited from owning a gun. They may NOT sell a gun to a resident of another state unless that person holds a Federal Firearms License as a Dealer or Collector.

Where can US citizens get a gun?

Mexico US citizens can legally purchase guns from a gun dealer or from another individual. There are a few states that have restrictions, but most do not.

Where can you purchase a LEGO gun?

A Lego gun can be purchased online at the Lego website, where they will take an online payment. Another place to purchase a Lego gun is at the local store, where they sell toys.

How not to shoot a gun?

Shooting a gun can be very dangerous if not done in a safe manner. Make sure you do not have it pointed at you or another individual, as it could defiantly kill someone.

Why do you have to have a license to buy a gun?

(in the US) So that the government can conduct a background check on you to determine if you are legally qualified to purchase a firearm. A private individual does not need a license of any sort to purchase a firearm from another private individual under federal regulations administered by BATF&E. State laws will vary, with some states requiring a permit to purchase a handgun. Only when a private individual purchases a firearm from a Federally Licensed Firearm's dealer, is the dealer required to conduct a background check, called a NICs check, to verify that there is no record of the individual being legally prohibited from possessing a firearm.

What website sell you real gun for the low-?

You can sell a gun for a low price on websites such as Craiglist.

Do you need a license to sell privetly owned gun?

there is not any federal law yet that requires a dealer transfer for private sale of a personal firearm

What are the rules behind an individual purchasing a firearm from another individual?

It depends on your state. In NH, I can buy a gun from one of my friends if I want to with no restrictions, provided it is not a restricted firearm.