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No you can't. You send sms only in India.

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Free sms send Dubai?

there are many websites like 160by2.com

Which site enables us to send free sms to Dubai from India?

Dear Friend , You can SEND FREE SMS to DUBAI from INDIA at : www.160by2.comByNadeer.Kwww.nadeerk.webs.com

160by2 site stopped sms to send uae any other site?

way2sms.com by renilsha333@gmail.com

What are some options in order to send some love SMS for free online?

You can send some love SMS for free online at the services such as 160by2, Jaxtr and Gizmo SMS. You can find more information about these free online SMS services at their respective websites.

How do you send free sms in net?

Dear Friend, You can send FREE SMS from INTERNET to MOBILE from : www.MobNudlz.com www.ibibo.com www.way2sms.com www.sms7.in www.160by2.com www.seasms.com www.mysmsindya.com www.smsseva.com THANKS, NADEER.K www.nadeerk.webs.com

160by2 how sms for one day?

160 by 2 translates to about three hundred and twenty SMS.

Where can someone send a free sms to India?

Free SMS can be sent to India from many different places, especially online. Some examples of places include AFreeSMS, 160by2, Way2SMS, and FullonSMS.

Can you find free sms sites?

try www.fcall.in - it provide free 460 chars sms to anywhere in Inida . others are way2sms 160by2

What websites allow you to send free international SMS messages?

There are several websites that allow one to send free international SMS messages. Some such sites are, SlideSMS, SendSMSNow, SMSFree4All, Text4FreeOnline and SMStexter.

How do you get free sms on mobile?

You can send free sms to mobile phones using online websites. Below mentioned website allows free international SMS

How can one send free SMS messages through Fido?

You can only send free SMS messages through fido if you and the receiver are both Fido customers. If you meet that criteria to send a free SMS you have to use the WebSMS section of Fido's official webpage.

Where online can someone send an SMS to a Claro customer?

Someone can send a SMS to a Claro customer through the online sms system. The service is free however it can only be used to send SMS's to Claro customers.

How do you SMS through Mobile Gmail?

You cannot send SMS through Gmail Mobile. There are other ways to show a notification. It is the hangouts that can be used for that.

How do you send an sms to the UK?

u can send sms to UK as u send sms to your local friend lolz you have to make sure you include the plus sign, which shows it's an international number, then the country code for UK, which is 44, and then the phone number. so it could be like +44... and then the phone number. but check to see how much it costs because international sms can be expensive! good luck, Texty Tasha :)

How do you send sms through ASP.net application directly using C.net?

Hard Coding to send sms is tedious So try with some webservices like www.webservicex.net

Is there such a thing as free sms?

Yes, there are free ways to send sms messages. Users can send free sms messages through various online services, including Gmail, AIM, and other messenger programs and services. There are also a plethora of other online sms websites that can send free messages.

Can you send sms to India from uae?

yes we can send sms to India from Uae.

How do you send flash sms?

You can send Flash SMS using FMA http://fma.sourceforge.net/

How can you send free SMS via Verizon Wireless?

Sending free SMS via Verizon Wireless would be defeating the purpose of Verizon even charging for sending SMS in the first place. So, there should be no way to send free SMS through whatever provider one has.

How much does it cost to use CBF SMS?

Cardboard Fish SMS allows one to send international text messages for free. If you use their website, one can send text messages to a variety of different countries at no cost.

How do you send free sms from Australia PC to Pakistan mobile?

Hi You Can Send Free Sms To Pakistan on All Networks You Can Visat These Sites.And Also You Can Send Free Sms From All Over The Worldifun.pk/sms/send-free-sms.aspx

How do you send a free sms to sri lanka from India?

how to send free sms to sri lannka

If sms is disabled for your phone can you send mms?

If SMS is disabled for your phone you cannot send MMS

Can you send pictures through SMS text on a Blackberry Pearl?

SMS is the standard for sending text. MMS is the standard for sending multimedia (video, sound files, pictures, etc) So no, to send a picture you need to send a picture message through MMS. However, you can send text when doing a MMS message.

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