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No, Xbox does not repair cosmetic damage.

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How do you fix a Xbox?

You can send it to Microsoft who will fix your Xbox 360.

Where to report Xbox 360 problems?

Send it to microsoft.

Can you send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft if flashed?

no they wil fine you

Can you send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft and get it fixed for free?


How do you fix an xbox 360 cantroler?

You can send it in to Microsoft and pay to get it repaired.

Would a chipped xbox 360 get caught?

the chance of getting caught is very high plus if you xbox brakes and only Microsoft can fix it the will ban you and not fix the xbox

How do you fix a broken Xbox 360?

It depends! Xbox 360's break in a lot of different ways. You can send it in to Microsoft and they can fix it for you.

How do you fix 3 red rings of death on XBOX 360?

send it to Microsoft

Did Microsoft make the Xbox 360?

Yes, Microsoft makes the Xbox 360.

How do you fix and xbox 360 3 red blinking lights?

You can send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft, they will fix your 3 red lights of death.

Does Xbox live work on chipped Xbox 360?

Of course it will mate.

How do you know if your xbox 360 have a video imput shortage?

u need to send it to Microsoft

How do you fix a Xbox 360 red ring of death?

u send it away to microsoft!

Who was the original inventor of Xbox 360?

Microsoft invented the Xbox and Xbox 360.

Do you need Xbox live for Microsoft points?

Yes. Xbox Live is like a "Disney ticket" to unlock all of the features of the Xbox 360. Microsoft Points are used to purchase games, music, movies, and TV shows and send them to your Xbox 360 HDD.

What does it mean when an xbox 360 cant read its own games?

Get a new game or send it to Microsoft

How much will it cost a UK Citizen to send an Xbox 360 to Microsoft for repairs?

i believe it is free.

How to fix an old xbox 360 with the rrod?

Either send it to Microsoft or take it somewhere. Or do it yourself.

Who invented the Xbox 360?


How to get my Xbox 360 fixed?

You will need to send it to Microsoft to get it repaired correctly. To do this, look on under the Support section to find out how to get your Xbox in to Microsoft and get it repaired.Or Call 1800-4my-xbox the Microsoft costumer service number

Who invented the Xbox 360 elite?

Microsoft invented the Xbox 360 and therefore invented the Xbox 360 Elite.

If you have 3 red rings on the 360 do they send you a knew console?

No, They send you a re-manufactured Xbox 360 in return. They will either fix your Xbox 360 and send it back to you or they will send you a different re-manufactured Xbox 360. They don't change the type of 360 you have if that is what you are asking. If you have an Xbox 360 Pro they will send you back either your Xbox 360 pro fixed or a different Xbox 360 Pro. The same goes for Premium or Elite. If you have and xbox 360 elite they send a re-manufactured elite back to you.

Who is the founder of Xbox?

Since the Xbox 360 was created by Microsoft, Bill Gates, the founder and owner of Microsoft is credited with the creation of the Xbox 360.

What do you do if your xbox 360 is over heated?

Buy an inner cooler. If your to lazy send it to Microsoft . and if your to lazy for that your gay.

What do you do if you mailed your hard drive back to Microsoft with your xbox 360?

Forget about it because you'll never get the same one back.....they just send you a new one with the xbox 360.