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Can you send your soccer clips to agents in Europe and get called up for an invitation?


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2011-09-12 14:14:20
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IT give me great plesure to write you well,I will like to introduce myself .I am VINCENT from NIGERIA.I am also a soccer COACH of VIN-VICTORY SOCCER ACADEMY I have also collaburate with other Soccer managers in NIGERIA.TO my purpoes of writing you.I have players for different categories which if possible i could offer .As regards the offering of players, i am an up comming coach training young players locally.And as a result of this ,i will like them to move further more and play in an international clubs. Sir, i know you understand most Africa players developed through this process.I would be very glad,if you can allow me to have the information on the possiblity of affiliation and offering of players to you. Details of my establishment status, location and objectives will be forwarded to you upon request . Grateful for your anticipation cooperationYour sincerely Coach Vincent

Name: Vincent SundayStreet: 47 Oko Oba Road,City: AgegeState: LagosZip Code: 23401Country: Nigeria Phone Number:


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NEVER, soccer does not exist in Europe it's called football here.

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Football/Soccer is called football and NFL would be called American football.

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Football/ Soccer was invented in England, which is part of Europe.

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I say about 97% of Europe likes soccer

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Soccer in Europe is generally thought to be played at a quicker pace than US soccer

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