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nope unfortunately not sorry

2008-09-06 04:22:58
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Q: Can you set your MySpace account to automatically approve of Friend Requests?
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Does Ryan Sheckler reply to his MySpace mail?

If You have an Official Ryan Sheckler MySpace as a friend, then no. It's actually run By Ryan ( His friend.) and has no Intension's of replying to any fan mail. It's not that He's rude or anything, but why reply to mail that wasn't even addressed to You In the first place ? Ryan ( Sheckler ) actually does have a personal MySpace account. I doubt He'll approve any friend requests that He receives though. You need His last name and E-Mail address. I have Him as a friend on my MySpace account, but that was only because I added Him way back In 2005.

Must the state approve any requests for continuances?

false. The court must approve them.

How do you Approve people on Twitter?

When you have a private account, you will receive an alert on your Twitter home page informing you of any requests. Clicking on that will allow you to accept or deny the request.

How do you approve or certify a managing account?

On the managing account list, select the account and click the Certify (or Approve) button

How do you approve someone on Twitter?

If you have protected tweets on Twitter then those wishing to follow you will have to send you a request. To "approve" this request, an alert along the lines of "2 requests" will appear on your homepage. Clicking on it will allow you to approve or deny the requests. If you have email alerts turned on then you'll also receive a link to do this in an email. Most apps don't allow you to approve/deny requests and so you'll have to do it on the web version.

How do you approve/certify a managing account?

On the managing account summary, type the account number in the Managing/Diversion Account Number field, and click the Approve button

Can MySpace causes problems in relationships?

Yes my space can cause problems in a relationship. You may get friends that your other half may not approve of or they may think your on there for more than friends. All I know is my friends girl said its her or myspace and well he no longer has an account.

What must an account owner do in order to approve a check to be deposited into their account?


How do you make comments on MySpace be approved?

Ok if this is your myspace your wanting to approve comments on then you do this: 1) Sign In if you havent already 2) Click on Inbox near the top of you MySpace homepage (not profile!) 3) On your left hand side, click on the Notifications link. 4) If you have a comment, that needs to be approved, it will show the person who is trying to comment's picture and 3 buttons that say approve deny & something else i forgot 5) CLICK APPROVE YOU DING BAT! jk if its somebody else's profile and you want them to approve you, then you just have 2 wait. ook that's it ur welcome

Why does the senate approve treaties?

The Constitution requires the Senate to ratify treaties. Until the Senate approves them, they are not in force. The Senate does not automatically approve all treaties that the President sends to them.

How old do you have to be to have hotmail?

There is no minimum age to have a Hotmail email account, but if you are under the age of 13, at signup Hotmail will require a parent to approve of you by submitting their email address and having them approve of your account creation.

Do you need permission to add friend on MySpace?

If the person you are trying to add requires approval, then yes, they will need to approve your request.

What does the website 'PowerScrap' do?

There is not much information about this website on the Internet. It provides the interface between the Orkut and Myspace accounts. Orkut does not approve of this linking.

Can congress disapprove if the president asks for money for defense?

Since Congress is head of National Defense and war, they can choose to approve or disapprove Presidential requests for money.

How many parents approve of MySpace?

out of 10 kids about 4 parents approve. 1 doesnt care, and 5 disagree. Or more likely, out of 10 parents, 3 of them don't know what it is, and 7 of them don't know that their kid is on it. ---- I am a parent and I approve. The thing that no one is saying is part of parenting someone under the age of 18 is knowing what they do with who and where. That means who they are talking to on myspace, what pics they put up, what info they put up, etc. Its also montoring their computer usage and what websites they frequent. Get involved!

How long until a staff member can approve account on dalek builders guild?

A day or so.

What kind of protection does Twitter have?

You can protect your account so that you must approve who can follow you and view your tweets.

Do they back track your bank account to approve loan?

Yes all the financials including the bank account are checked to approve the any kind of loan, where the bank gets to know the default ratio of the person (if any), even the Cibil rating are also checked .

An account owner must do this in order to approve a check to be deposited into their account?

If you have a bank account and are trying to deposit a check, you will have to sign the back of that check. If the back is not signed, it cannot be deposited or cashed.

Can you get out of a joint checking account?

Yes. If you want to get out of a joint account, you can contact the bank and submit a written request to be removed as a joint holder of that account. The other parties involved in the joint account have to approve your removal from the account, only then the bank will complete the formalities.

Can you get a loan without a banking account?

Banks and savings and loans may pre-approve you, but you will need to open an account with them if you choose to take the loan. If you have a problem opening an account, you will need to get that cleared first.

How do you allow you tweets on Twitter go to the public but still have to approve people to follow you?

You can't do this. You either protect your tweets and approve people to follow you or you unprotect your account and your tweets are viewable and anyone can follow you.

How do you change your MySpace so you don't have to approve every comment?

ANSWER:listen here lamezz and bitchez you go to edit profile, and on the top right corner theres a account settings button. You click that and go to spam or miscellaneous and read the settings and find out for your self kayy lamex and hoexx skanx and otherss ducex!

What does it mean if someone says your reply is awaiting moderation?

It means that comments aren't approved automatically and an editor will need to read the comments and approve it manually.

What happens when you lock your Twitter account?

When you lock your Twitter account only your followers can see your updates. Also, you will have to approve any new followers. It's like as if only your friends have the option to see you, kind of like being a king, you approve and see who can do stuff, but only a few people can see you.