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No. They are not designed to fire a 17 cal bullet

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Q: Can you shoot 17 cal bullets from a bb gun?
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What gun uses 17 Mach 2 bullets?

Marlin and Ruger make ones that do

What gun can carry 17 bullets?

The Glock 17 comes standard with a 17 round magazine.Any gun that has a magazine that is 17 rounds capacity or larger.

What gun shoots 17 mach 2 accutip -v bullets?

Marlin makes one.

What is a .17 cal firearm used for?

well the "cal" bit means how powerful the gun is so will not be very powerful so it might be used for shooting a bird at close range or target shooting

What bullets does 17 cal HMR take?

The .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) IS the name of the cartridge. It is a bottle necked rimfire cartridge- similiar to a a .22 Magnum necked down to .17 caliber bullet. Bullets used in this cartridge may be several different types, but are typically 20 grains or 17 grains in weight.

What is a 17 caliber good for?

A .17 cal. hornady is good for anything from target shooting on up to coyotes. You have to remember a .17 bullet is smaller than a .22 bullet but it packs 10x the punch and is alot faster and flatter. I have a .17 in a marlin 917 laminated stock with stainless bull barrel it is sighted in at 200 yards. I have dropped a big coyote from 250 yards with it. I shoot the .17 grain hornady vmax bullets.

How many bullets does a 9 mm gun shoot?

However many are cycled through them. Different magazines ("clips") hold different amounts of ammo. For instance, the Glock 17 9mm standard mag holds 17 rounds, but the smaller Glock 26 holds only 10. You can also get extensions to hold more rounds, like the 30-round extended mag for the Glock 17.

Do they make a gun that can shoot any kind of bullet?

Rossi is coming close with a single shot rifle ( the wizard) with interchangable barrels. They boast 21 different combos and include shotguns. As far as a gun that can shoot everything from a 17 HMR to a 50 caliber bullet the answer is no.

What is better a 17 calibre or a .22?

a 17. is a great gun but hard to find ammo for and doesn't have the power of a 22. if your looking for some thing to hunt with use a 22. if your just shooting use a 17. or if your looking for a really cheap to shoot gun get a mini 14 hope this helped

You own a model 880 sq need a good trigger longer stock and will a 17 cal barrel screw on this gun?

Brownell's; you need to talk to a gunsmith

Do pellets fit in 6mm bb guns?

Usually not. A BB is .17 caliber and a 6mm pellet would be .236 caliber. That means that a 6mm BB gun would be imaginary. There are .17 cal. pellet guns and there are .22 cal. pellet guns. You could drop a BB into a .22 cal. pellet gun and it would probably be ejected if it didn't roll out the barrel first. Always read your owner's manual and become familiar with the recommended ammunition and operating instructions.

Where can you find a clip for a T03 17 22 cal rifle?

Try egunparts, want ads, for sale ads, estate sales, garage sales, pawn shops, gun show, gun shops, hardware stores

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