Can you shoot up seroquel pills?

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what will seroquel do to interveinously

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No dumb choice just stay clean silly
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Q: Can you shoot up seroquel pills?
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How do you shoot up pills?

take an overdose

Can you shoot up morphine pills?


How do you shoot up diphenhydramine?

how to break down 25mg pills diphenhydramine hcl so that i can shoot them up

Does seroquel have lithium in it?

I am on Seroquel AND Lithium Carbonate, in 2 separate pills. Seroquel mainly consists of Quetiapine, and whatever they use to cover the pill with, which is NOT lithium. Also , if Seroquel had lithium in it, the doctor would not prescribe me lithium on the side, as that would be doubling up on it and be very dangerous.Hope this helps,Lightning_Po

What does seroquel show up as in your system?


What does seroquel show up as on drug test?

I believe my seroquel shows up as benzos.

Can you break down and shoot up the new hydromorphone 12 milligram pills?

NO!you will be dead in the next hour if you do

Will seroquel show up as a benzo on a drug test?

Seroquel is an atypical antipsychotic. Benzodiazepines are classified as minor tranquilizers. Seroquel will not show up as a benzo.

Does Seroquel show up as a opiate on a drug test?

can seroquel show opiates

Can you shoot up oxycodone 30mg alg 265?

yes, if your a complete idiot...they manufactured them as PILLS for a REASON moron.

What are additive effects of taking Zoloft and seroquel xr?

the most common addictives with taking seroquel and zoloft are eating binges.that are like sugar rush pills basically they cause the body to crave food there horrible pills for someone over weight or that has a eating disorder.

How many pills of seroquel are too much?

Any ammount above the prescribed dose is deemed as 'too much'

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