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Flamingos are found in Africa, Asia, North America, Central America, South America, and Europe. They inhabit the edges of lakes and swamps where they can eat shrimp, algae, and other small creatures that live in shallow water. See the link below for a map of the flamingos range around the world.

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Do Flamingos live with other Flamingos?

yes they live with other flamingos which is called a 'couple'.

Can you show a map where scorpions live?

Map of where scorpions live in the usa

How long do flamingos live?

Flamingos can live for up to 50 years.

Where do flamingos live in Africa?

yes flamingos live in parts of africa

Do flamingos live in the Savannah?

Yes, Lesser Flamingos do live in the savanna.

What animals live with flamingos?

flamingos live with and are practically related to hippos...

Do flamingos live in rainforests?

Flamingos live in rain forests. Flamingos live in all types of rain forest environments, and are on the endangered species list.

Do flamingos live in herds?

Well, not exactly. Flamingos live in large groups called colonies. Tens of thousands of flamingos can live in one colony. Sometimes flocks of different kinds of flamingos live in the same colony.

How long is a flamingos life?

Flamingos live to be about 20

How many flamingos in Australia?

Flamingos do not live in Australia!

Why do flamingos live in colonies?

Why flamingos live in colonies you say? Well flamingos live in colonies because they all might want to protect each other.

Do crocs and flamingos live together?

Crocs and flamingos do live together in some areas. The crocs however, will prey upon flamingos if they are able.

Is there flamingos in Africa?

Sometimes, yes, there are flamingos that live in Africa.

What country do flamingos live in?

The USA is one. They have flamingos in Florida.

Why do flamingos live in big bunches?

Flamingos live in big bunches so pretators won't get them!!!

Who do flamingos live with when they are older?

They usually move into your mom's basement. What do you think?!? They live with other flamingos!

Can you show me a map of where giraffes live?


Which continents do flamingos live on?

In their native lands, flamingos are found on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica. Chilean, Andean and James' flamingos live in South America. The greater and lesser flamingos live in Africa. Greater flamingos can also be found in the Middle East and India. Many zoos have built artificial habitats for flamingos.

Are there any flamingos in Illinois?

Flamingos only live in zoos in Illinois.

What type of habitat do flamingos live in?

Flamingos live in lagoons or lakes, where there's lots of mud and water.

Do flamingos live in Mexico?

Yes, Flamingos do live in Mexico. Flamingos can also be found in parts of Africa, Central America, North America, and South America.

Show me a map where dragonflies live?

You can find a map where dragonflies live at most local libraries. You can also find a map of where dragonflies live in many insect books.

Can you show a map of where horses live in the world?

yes, that type of map is called a special-purpose map...

Do flamingos live in estuaries?

they live on the moon

Where do flamingos live in the winter?

they live in a desert