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Shutting down a computer while downloading any software, games, videos, music, etc. may result in it not downloading properly. After rebooting the computer, try again.

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Q: Can you shut down the computer while its downloading something from itunes?
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Does downloading and install mean the same thing?

I don't think it does. Download is to load something and install is to actually apply it. *downloading is just putting something on your computer while installing it means to have the program actually work and be set up to your liking*

Can you log off while downloading something?

i think so but when your computer turns back on it might continue the download or you might have to continue it yourself

How do you change your iPhone app store address?

First of all, you have to realize that your iPhone app store password is the same as your iTunes store password. In order to change your app store password, you have to log into iTunes, and an effective way I've found is to activate your account by actually downloading something. The easist thing is for you to do this in iTunes on your computer while the iPhone is hooked up to your computer. Good luck. Hope this makes sense.

Where can you download SAFELY music for a music video?

iTunes or Amazon or some other site where you buy it. Downloading it for free is illegal and always unsafe. But still, it is legal to use a streaming audio capture to record songs from Amazon and iTunes while it is transmitting on the computer. Tip: you are not allowed to distribute it.

Is it bad if an app is downloading while the itouch is off?

No, I tried it many times. I tried downloading apps, updating apps, downloading stuff on iTunes, and it hasn't damaged it at all. So, no I don't think it's bad. Have a nice day! ?

Can you leave installous while something is downloading?

naa. its stops everytime I press home.

How do you download apps to itouch from iTunes?

you have to make an itunes account from itunes on your computer then go to the app store touch the app and in the top right corner it will give the price (free,0.99, 15.99, etc.) tap that then the word install will come up then tap that. it will then bring u back to the main screen then u enter in your itunes password and email account and viola! it will start downloading. dont do anything while its loading just leave it there until its done installing.

How can i fix my ipod that has recently messed up?

restore it using itunes while having it plugged into the computer

What is the difference between file sharing and downloading files?

In file sharing you transfer files from another computer connected to internet. While in case of downloading you receive files from dedicated servers.

Is it possible to have 2 iTunes libraries on the same computer?

You can have as many iTunes libraries as you want. Hold down the Option (alt) key while you launch iTunes and you will be given the option to choose an existing library to open or create a new one.

How do you fix iPhone error 1611?

1- Change the USB port the phone is plugged in to. Do not plug the phone back in yet. 2- Reboot the computer then plug the phone in and immediately restart the phone in DFU WHILE CONNECTED to the computer. Open up iTunes. 3- Hit restore DFU can be set on mac by pressing and holding both the home button (Square button) and the Sleep/wake button for 10 sec. Then release ONLY thee sleep/wake button. Keep holding it until iTunes notifies you that you are in restoration mode What will happen, is that your phone will be updated and iTunes will download the next update. Your screen should be black, meaning that it is in DFU mode. After the update finishes the downloading, it will start to extract the software. The downloading time takes a while, since it needs to verify restoration, etc. etc. The apple logo should be visible with a progress bar when downloading. It will take a long time. When it is done, iTunes may ask you if you want to download your backup back into the phone or just use it as a "new" phone. It is advised to press on the "backup", since you get all your contacts, mail, messages, etc. back.

When your finished buying songs on i tunes what do you do next?

Go back to your itunes library. It may take a while for the song to download, but it will eventually come up in your itunes library. To check if it is done downloading, go to the downloads page on the left side of your screen on your library. Hope this helped! Happy listening!