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I have heard of something called implantation bleeding. This occurs when a fertilized egg actually implants in the uterine wall. This bleeding would be light & pinkish, not like menstruation.

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Q: Can you spot 7 days after you just stopped your period and are trying to conceive in the time you are ovulating?
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You are on day 8 after period have been having dull continuous cramping for past 5 days Trying to conceive could you be pregnant even after you got your period?

yes you can If you are trying to conceive you could be ovulating or that could be your last period. Let me clairfy for you if you are cramping where is the pain coming from it your left side then maybe you ovlulating How normal was your period was it on time was it normal for you. If not then you could have conceive prior to this period

You came off the pill in January now trying to conceive and you are ovulating you have just had a 2 day period however you usually have a longer one Is there a problem Will you be able to conceive?

This may be caused by a irregular period or even a early pregnancy bleeding.

You were trying to conceive a week later you got your period it stopped yesterday you took a test and it was negative but you still have all the signs of being pregnant can you still be pregnant?

If you got your period it is extremely unlikely you are pregnant. And if you are trying to conceive you usually need to have sex 2 weeks before your period is due.

Can you ovulate 15 days after period?

I do. I have been trying to conceive and not having much luck so I bought one of those kits that tell you when you are ovulating. Sure enough it is 15 days.

Why am i getting period cramp in the middle of my break?

Could be your ovulating? I get it when I'm ovulating I know the signs because we are trying for a baby

How long after the end of your period can you get pregnant?

you can not get pregnant while you have your period. you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating. ovulation happens about two weeks after your last period. if you are trying for a baby then the doctors can tell you when you are ovulating

How often should you have intercourse while ovulating if you're trying to conceive?

for a normal 28 day cycle, day one is considered the first day you start your period, i was told to have intercourse on day 12,14,16 and 18.

How can you tell when you are ovulating if you are trying to conceive?

You can purchase ovulation tests at any drug store. You could also use and online ovualtion predictor.

When is Ovulation and what is it?

Ovulation usually happens 14 days before the start of your next period. It is vital for woman to ovulate to release a mature egg to their uterus in order to become pregnant. That's why it is really essential for women who are trying to conceive to know when they are ovulating.

Hi i stopped taking the pill and trying to conceive and i have started bleeding could i be pregnant?

probably not since you bled

Do you have to be on your period to get pregnant I don't want to get prego but I want to have sex if I'm not on my . can I?

No, you do not want to be on your period when trying to get pregnant. The best time to try is when you are ovulating. That is half way through your cycle. For example: my cycle length each month is 30 days so the time I'm most likely to conceive is 15 days past the first day of my last period. No, while you can get pregnant while you are on your period, you must be ovulating to get pregnant. Ovulation usually occurs 14 days after your period...usually.

When trying to conceive can you have a drink or two if you are ovulating?

It is up to you. Drinking more than a couple of drinks a week can seriously impact fertility, and if you already have fertility problems, this will be worse. So the impact of drinking while trying to conceive is not just on the fetus, it is on you. If it was me, I would not do it, not if I already ovulated. better to be safe than sorry.

How do you figure out your period cycle if you have only had one period in the last year and you are trying to conceive?

i would suggest going to your doctor for help on this

You were taking SlimQuick for weightloss but stopped taking them Is it safe to start trying to get pregnant now?

Yes it is safe to try to conceive now.

If your period is four days late and you've been trying to conceive what are the odds that you are pregnant?

can you get pregnaunt without having a period can you get pregnaunt without having a period

Is it normal to have a period 9 days early when trying ti conceive?

Trying to conceive doesn't change your menstrual cycle so that part is irrelevant. Your period may come earlier than normal 9 days early is abnormal but a one-off is not a sign of a problem.

What does infertility means?

Infertility refers to the inability to conceive after a period of trying. In easier words, people who can't have babies.

How do you get your periods to be normal again?

I need help.. missed my period for 4months n I'm trying to conceive....what can I take

Is it normal to bleed 3 days after period when trying to conceive?

16period date which date inter course i am concive

Is it safe to travel while trying to get conceive?

It is not safe to travel while trying to get conceive as it is very dangerous .

How do you ensure you get pregnant?

If you are TTC(trying to conceive) you should probably invest in a ovulation kit. Also a basal body thermometer so that you can determine when you are ovulating. When your basal body temperature spikes or the ovulation kit indicates that you are ovulating than it is time to have sex. That way you increase your chancing of conceiving.

Should you not wear tight pants when trying to conceive?

Actually, you shouldn't be wearing anything <blush> when trying to conceive :).

What does it mean if you had your progesterone level checked because your husband and you are trying to conceive and the results say you are in mid-cycle and ovulating?

Well then maybe you need to get busy and try to make that baby. Good Luck.

Could you still have a period and be pregnant?

My Husband and I are trying to conceive. Seven days ago we began trying. Now, seven days later it is like I started my period. I was really excited,could I still be pregnant?

What are some techniques on conceiving a girl?

Stop trying to conceive a certain sex and be happy with the fact that you can conceive period! there is nothing you can do to make it a boy or girl, this all depends on the male's sperm. Remember, there are people who cant even conceive, so appreciate what you have and whatever you get!