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A sprain is soft tissue damage. You cannot sprain a bone. You can sprain your thumb, just not the bone itself.

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Example of epithelial tissue

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Q: Can you sprain your thumb bone?
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What correctly compares a sprain to a strain?

A sprain affects the bone, while a strain does no

What is the difference between a bone break and a sprain?

A sprain is damage to soft tissue, a broken bone is damage to hard tissue.

Can you break a bone in your foot that feels like a sprain?

Yes, it's possible to break a bone in your foot and think you have a sprain

What are the different bone disorders?

sprain,dislocation of the bone, and paralyzed

What statement correctly compares a sprain to a strain?

A sprain affects the bone, while a strain does no

Can you sprain a bone?

Nah only break it ;)

What is easier sprain your ankle or break your ankle?

idk but i really want to sprain my ankle because when you brake a foot that means you snaped a bone in half but when you sprain your ankle that means that your ankle bone tore

If you sprain your ankle what bone tissue are you damaging?

your ligament

Can you sprain your collarbone?

No. You can sprain a joint - not a bone. You can fracture the collar bone (clavicle) or strain the acromiclavicular joint (where the colalr bone meets the shoulder - aka "a separated shoulder) and also injure the sternoclavicular joint (where the collar bone meets the breast bone).

How can you sprain your thumb?

You bend it further than it can normally comfortably go. Or you can position your thumb straight and hit it as hard as you can on a floor.

How do you get a sprain?

you get a sprain by hurting your bone deeply. also if you just got a shot and you move that body part alot

Can dogs sprain their tails?

yes they can, there tail is made of bone.

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