Can you start a fire on the moon?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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No. The moon has no atmosphere so there is no oxygen to support combustion.

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Q: Can you start a fire on the moon?
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Why cant you set a fire to the Moon's surface?

there is no oxygen on the moon, therefore, a fire could not start because in the fire triangle, (the materials needed to start a fire) the fire needs oxygen, which the moon does not have, fuel, and heat.

What happens if you put fire on the moon?

Absolutely nothing. In order for fire to exist, it needs 3 components; an ignition source, oxygen and a combustable material. Since there is no oxygen on the moon, the fire will never start.

Would you be able to have a fire on a moon?

Only inside the landing craft, and that would not be a good thing. Fire needs 3 components to start: oxygen, a heat source, and a fuel. There is no oxygen on the moon, so a fire would not be able to exist.

When was Of a Fire on the Moon created?

Of a Fire on the Moon was created in 1970.

Why can not we lite a fire on the Moon?

For a fire to burn the fuel making the fire has to combine with Oxygen from the Air. As there is no Air on the Moon, it is impossible for a fire to burn on the Moon.

Is it possible to create fire on the Moon?

You could not make a fire on the moon because there is no oxygen on the moon. In order to have a fire, you need oxygen.

How do you start a fire in Harvest Moon ToT?

But matches from the general store, then go to one of the little log piles on the beach. You can only start fires there.

How do you show a picture of how to get out of the cave mt moon in the Pokemon fire red game?

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Can you start a rock on fire?

No you can't start it on fire but you can start fire with it! at least i think...

Would fire burn on the moon?

It would not burn on the moon first because it has no oxygen second thoughts some fire can burn on it to!

Does a match work on the moon?

no. there is no atmosphere on the moon and fire needs oxygen to burn.

What is the moon called at the halfway point is it journey around the earth?

That depends on when you start. If you start with the New Moon, halfway is the full Moon.