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Starting a pack of Birth Control pills a day early does not increase the risk of pregnancy; in fact, it may decrease the risk. Continue taking your pills as normal. Your period will just arrive a day early that's all.

2012-11-25 03:30:52
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How long after you start taking birth control pills will you breast start growing?

Birth control pills do not make your breasts grow.

What age do you have to be to start taking birth control pills?

The first year of your teenage-life, (13 yrs. ) It is recomended to start taking the pills so early to prevent an early teenage pregnancy crisis.

Can changing different kinds of birth control cause your period to start early?

It's possible that changing birth control pills will change the timing of your next period.

Should you start a new pack of birth control after skipping a couple pills and starting your period early?

If you missed three or more pills you may want to start a new packet.

Is it normal to start your period 2 weeks early when on birth control pills?

no this is NOT normal, maybe you have forgotten the pill or miscalculated.

Is it normal to get your period a week early after stopping birth control pills?

Yes, stopping them has the same effect as taking the pills that usually promp your body to start the period.

How do you change from the birth control patch to the birth control pill?

Normally you would start the birth control patch on the day you were scheduled to start the next pack of pills.

When do birth control pills start their effect Like when will it start acting as a contraceptive?

In short, it depends which type of birth control pill you are using. If you're taking combination pills, it will start their effect after seven days of use.

Can you start birth control pills again after coming off?


What birth control pills start with the letter A?

Aviane, Alesse, Apri

Is it normal to start your period in the first two weeks of taking birth control?

Yes. When you start taking birth control pills, your menstrual cycle will usually change. It will become lighter and less irregular. But when you start the pill, your menstrual cycle has to get use to the changes, and will start your cycle early because it will now be different because of the birth control pills. Your periods might be irregular the first couple of times after starting the pill

What happens if you dont get your period after you start the sugar pills in your birth control?

Sometimes your periods are late or non-existent on the birth control pill. If you have missed pills or are concerned you can take a pregnancy test. Missing birth control pills will decrease the effectiveness of them preventing you from becoming pregnant. The birth control pills will not make the pregnancy test come up positive.

When do birth control pills start their effect When will the female become less fertile the pills actually start working How many days?

When taking the birth control pills you still have a monthly cycle. That is what the different color pills are for in your pack. So that you still have your cycle every month.

Can accidentally taking 2 birth control pills in one day cause you to start your period early?

No. You will be fine. Forgetting several days will result in starting your period early.

Can you stall your period with birth control pills?

Yes, but if you'd like to do so, it makes sense to plan early, as you may experience breakthrough bleeding when you first start to use them, or when you first start to skip placebo pills.

How soon can you start your birth control pills to get your period early?

Starting the birth control pill will not cause an earlier period. It will delay your period. Talk to your health care provider or pharmacist to clarify what you should do next.

What happens if you delay your period for a week while on birth control and then do not get your period straight away when you start taking the sugar pills?

Continue taking your birth control pills as scheduled.

Is it unsafe to start a new pack of birth control pills right after the previous one to prevent your period?

There are no special risks or dangers from using birth control pills continuously, without taking the placebo pills.

When do you start taking your birth control pills if your period starts on monday?

If you start the birth control pill on the day your period starts, you'll have immediate protection.

How start birth control?

Usually pills are started on the first SUNDAY after your period.

What can happen if you start the birth control pills after the period?

Period time disturbed

When can you start taking birth control during the month?

You start taking birth control pills the first Sunday after your period ends, but Its always best to consult your Dr.

How do you start your second pack of birth control pill?

You should start your second pack of birth control pills the day after you take the last pill in your first pack (assuming that your pack had 28 pills in it. If it had 21, start the next pack seven days after finishing the last).You start the second pack of birth control pills the day after you finish the first pack, regardless of whether or not you're bleeding.

Could you ovulate early if you missed a birth control pilltook it late?

You will not Ovulate when on birth control. Missing several birth control pills may kick-start Ovulation. If you were a few hours late taking birth control then do not worry but take your next dose at the usual time. If you completely missed one day, then continue taking pills as normal but use a condom for 14 days to prevent pregnancy.

Do you start your period on the green pills?

In some birth control brands, the green pills are active pills . In other brands, the green pills are placebos (sugar pills or reminder pills) and that's when you have a withdrawal bleed. Talk to your pharmacist or health care provider to get information specific to your brand of birth control pills.