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When do birth control pills start their effect When will the female become less fertile the pills actually start working How many days?


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When taking the Birth Control pills you still have a monthly cycle. That is what the different color pills are for in your pack. So that you still have your cycle every month.

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No because it stops all the hormones to become pregnant

yes, you have to be fertile to become pregnant.

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Generally you are most fertile 15 days after your period. It is different for every woman though so you may become pregnant at a different time. It is best to use contraception (i.e condoms, birth control pills, etc) to prevent pregnancy if you are not ready to become pregnant.

The average age that a male dog becomes fertile is 8 months old. Females are fertile as soon as their heat cycle begins. Smaller dogs typically become fertile more quickly than larger breeds.

They should be fertile upon reaching puberty, and remain so throughout their lives.

If you stop taking birth control pills, you might get pregnant unless you find another strategy for reducing the risk of pregnancy.Your normal cycle will resume and you will become fertile again.

No it does not. it actually works better over time.

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How old are you? You only become fertile after sex, and even then it needs to be unprotected sex. Generally for a few days after a period is the LEAST fertile time. This is the time Catholic folks schedule intercourse for practicing birth control without chemicals or pills. However, having said that, it is possible for a pregnancy to still occur but the percentage is low.

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there are medications for fertility see your ob

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