Can you start a rock on fire?

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No you can't start it on fire but you can start fire with it! at least i think...

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Q: Can you start a rock on fire?
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Explain how flint rock can be used to start a fire?

what does flint rocks used for

How can flint rock can be used to start a fire?

By striking it against steel it creates sparks that can be caught in tinder causing fire.

What is a fire rock?

A fire rock is also known as an igneous rock. Though it is called a fire rock it is actually made from hardened lava, not fire.

Who does water Pokemon defeat?

fire, ground, rock, fire normal, ground normal, rock normal, fire electric, fire ice, fire fighting, fire poison, fire ground, fire flying, fire psychic, fire bug, fire rock, fire ghost, fire dark, fire steel, electric ground, electric rock, ice ground, ice rock, fighting ground, fighting rock, poison ground, poison rock, ground flying, ground psychic, ground bug, ground rock, ground ghost, ground dark, ground steel, flying rock, psychic rock, bug rock, rock flying, rock psychic, rock ghost, rock dark, and rock steel-types are super weak to water.

What is the tempo for We Didn't Start the Fire?

According to the Big Book of Rock, it has a tempo of 146 BPM

Why was heavy metal in the song we didn't start the fire?

It refers to the genre of heavy metal rock music.

Can fire PokΓ©mon beat rock PokΓ©mon?

yes the fire pokemon can beat the rock pokemon because the fire melts rock.

Why is an igneous rock sometimescalled a fire rock?

The word igneous comes from the Latin word 'ignis' meaning fire. So an igneous rock is equivalent to a 'fire' rock.

What rock is formed by fire?

Igneous rock.

Does rock beat fire Pokemon?

Yes but fire can beat rock depending on your level.

What type of rock is used to start fire?

There are several that work, but the most well known is flint. Note the "flint" in a lighter is not the rock flint, but a special metal alloy.

How do you boil the water in virtual villagers 4?

first start a fire and heat a rock in the fire then move an adult to the fire (make sure u have water in the pot) and he will take it to the pot and the water is boiled

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