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Billy Joel, formerly known as William Martin Joel, is a major recording artist, singer-songwriter, and musician. His most well-known hits include "Piano Man", "Just The Way You Are", and "It's Still Rock And Roll To Me". Joel is the 6th best-selling recording artist in the USA, according to the RIAA.

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Billy Joel

Is Billy Joel blind?


Billy Joel

What influence Billy Joel to write the song 'for the longest time'?

"The Longest Time" is from Joel's 1983 album "An Innocent Man," which was a salute to the different styles of music that he had always enjoyed while growing up. For instance, "Uptown Girl" is a homage to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The album's title song is a tribute to Ben E. King, who once sang with the Drifters, and Joel sings it in King's style. As for "The Longest Time," it's an a capella homage to the doo woppers of the 1950s.

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How many number one hits did the eagles have?


Billy Joel

Why did Billy Joel write song allentown?

It was a "recession rock" song designed to show the struggles of people in the northeast U.S. dealing with declining industry and lost opportunities. He originally tried to write the song "Levittown," but it didn't sing as well as "Allentown."

Billy Joel

Who worked at mr cacciatore's in Sullivan street?

Sergeant O'Leary

Billy Joel

Where did Billy Joel go to collage?

He dropped out of high school to support his family--his grades were good enough to graduate, but his attendance wasn't--and never went to college. He was too busy making music!

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Why are there 88 keys on a piano?

The exact origins of why there were a certain number of keys on a piano are unknown. What we do know from history is that the piano in the US consisted of 88 keys after 1885. The generally accepted number of piano keys is as follows: * 1700-1765 5 Octaves (5 x 12 = 60 keys) * 1765-1794 5 Octaves plus a 4th * 1794-1804 6 Octaves (6 x 12 = 72 keys) * 1804-1824 6 Octaves plus a 4th * 1824-1880 7 Octaves (7 x 12 = 84 keys) * 1880-Present 7 Octaves plus a 4th What we do know is that the piano, with 88 keys, is capable of reproducing the entire multiple octave spectrum of instruments used in an orchestra or band. Interesting to note that the Bosendorfer 9' 6" Concert Grand has 97 keys. The extra keys are at the bottom of the keyboard, extending from low A down to a growling really low C. As far as we know, there is no piano literature written that includes any played notes beyond the lowest A on a standard 88 key piano.

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How tall is Joel Houston?

how tall is joel houston?

Billy Joel
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Why is Billy Joel more popular than Neil Diamond?

Billy Joel's music sold better, so apparently, his songs were more attractive.

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Who has Claudia Schiffer dated?

David Bertsinger

Billy Joel

When did Billy Joel start singing?

at 4

Billy Joel

Has Billy Joel done drugs?


Billy Joel

When was Billy Joel the man born?

May 9, 1949

Billy Joel
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How old is Billy Joel?

US singer William "Billy" Joel is 68 years old (birthdate: May 9, 1949).

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How do you contact Joel chernoff?

Joel Chernoff can be reached through the MJAA website, One of his duties is to administer the Joseph Project.

Billy Joel

Did Billy Joel graduate from high school?

He did, but late. He was one credit short of graduating with his class in 1967. By then, he already had become a musician. In 1992, the high school waived the requirement and awarded him his diploma. (see:

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Which one hits higher a 3 iron or a 9 iron?

9 iron. The higher numbered clubs have higher lofts, so they hit the ball higher.

In a "perfect world", neither hits higher. If all other factors are equal (club head speed, angle, swing path; lie; head and hand position at impact), the highest point of the ball flight is the same for all clubs. The 9-iron appears to fly higher because it gets there faster.

Billy Joel

Why did Billy Joel and Katy Lee divorce?

Age difference

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When was Billy Joel born?

Billy Joel was born on May 9, 1949.

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How tall is Lee Pace?

6'3 - "imdb"

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What was Madonna's first UK number one hit called?

Madonna's first British #1 was Into the Groove,getting to the penthouse in August 1985, for four weeks

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What surfboard company does Joel Parkinson ride for?

JS surfboards

Billy Joel

What brand of piano does Billy Joel play?

He has several. Steinway Baby Grand, a Baldwin which he used for the Nylon Curtain and other world tours.

He owned and played a Bosendorfer in his early career.

In 1978 he played a C. Beckstein on tour.

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Who had the most number one hits on the Billboard charts?

George Strait has the most #1 hits at 57 and counting. Nobody else comes close. Conway Twitty actually had the most until 2006 with 55 #1 hits.

The Beatles are the musical act with the most songs to reach No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart. Mariah Carey has 18 such #1 hits and Elvis Presley 17.

Billy Joel

Where is Billy Joel today?

Billy Joel, in 2009, is going on tour with Elton John again it is supposed to start in Jacksonville, FL but that is not for sure. As of now in January 2009 he is playing at a hotel casino in Hollywood, FL alone, (meaning cheaper tickets), if you visit his site then you can get info there Billy Joel is a major recording artist known for being piano playing rock star.


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