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Can you stay in the US and work on an expired green card?

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Although the card has expired your Immigration status remains unchanged and it's a simple matter to complete the USCIS I-90 form (and pay the fee) to renew it. I-9 verfication requires an Alien number. Here's some more info:

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Q: Can you stay in the US and work on an expired green card?
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If i got green card 2years and when it expired and my spouse divoced with me how to appy green card 10year?

If your green card has expired and you are not married then you will have to apply for another one. You will have to go to the DMV and start the paper work.

Can you work in the us with an expired green card?

Under U.S. Immigration Law, Lawful Permanent Residents must carry their Green Card at all times. Lawful Permanent Residents who cannot produce their Green Card as evidence of status may have difficulty establishing authorization to work, travel or apply for financial services or government benefits. Therefore, if your Green Card is lost or stolen, or expired it is important to replace it right away using Form I-90.

How many years should you add to American express card if it is expired?

If it is expired then that card is no longer valid - You can not add years to make it work.

Does Costa Rica citizen require a green card?

Americans do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica. Costa rican require a visa or green card to stay and work in US.

If my fiancee's visa is valid but her permit is expired what happens when we get married?

Nothing, but it is a good thing that her visa is still active but even if it wasn't you can still go ahead and marry her (document everything) and as soon as you do, file her paper work so she can first get her temporary green card and work permit then THE green card.

Can they deport your love one even if he has a green card?

There are any number of violations that can result in deportation. A green card is permission to stay and perhaps work or attend school, it is not a granting of citizenship or lifetime residency.

How long it takes for green card interview after the work permit?

After getting work permit u have to apply for Green Card. After work permit it takes more then 2 years for getting green card

When you get married in US when will you get a green card And can you work if you have green card?

You will not automatically get a green card if you get married in the US. After you fill out an application and get approved, you can then work. It could take years to get approved for a Visa.

Can you live in the US without a green card?

The visa with which you entered US the first time can be used to legalize stay in US. Using the Form I-539 you can extend the visa and continue to stay in US. But only with a green card you can work in US in case you are in US on a tourist visa.

Can a green card holder stay outside of us and work for a company based in us?

Yes. For employment purposes you can stay outside US even as a green card holder. While away you can preserve your residence back in US by filing the Form N-470 for naturalization purposes.

Where can one get a green card lawyer?

If one is an immigrant to the United States of America and is in need of a green card so that they may work legally, they need a green card lawyer. Green Card lawyers are found in green card law agencies.

Can a woman from China that has her social security card and the work card but does not have the green card yet can she divorce the man and marry another American man and stay in the US?

if she divorces and re marries on the sly! but u may come across as desperate to stay in the country and they may think u want to stay for the wrong reasons

Can a illegal alien gets temporary green card and leave or work if she or he marries a green card holder and if yes how long it takes for revieving the temporary green card?

Do you need a green card for work experience?

No work visas are better for work experience, Green Cards come later

Nurse assistant need have a US green card?

You will need either permanent residency (green card), or a work visa.

Can a green card holder work in Asia?

Yes but it becomes a problem during naturalization. Green card in US is mainly for a person to stay and work in US permanently and so its supposed to be maintained and renewed every 10 years. Also the green card holder would have to apply for a reentry permit which is valid only for 2 years before leaving US in case he intends to work abroad. New reentry permit is required if the stay is for more than 2 years. Main eligibility criteria for applying for US citizenship is to have stayed in US as a green card holder for minimum 5 years prior to filing the Form N-400. In case green card holder plans to work abroad its important to file Form N-470 to preserve residence in US for naturalization purposes.

Can Norwegians work in US?

Yes, if they get a green-card.

Can a student with an EAD card on Optional Practical Training marry a green card holder and continue to work in the US before receiving the H1-B visa?

You can marry the green card holder but that does not affect your ability to work. Your right to work is completely tied to your OPT and then your H1B. If there is no gap between the end of your OPT and start of H1B then you can carry on working. If your OPT ends then you have to stop working and can not start work again until you have your H1B. Your marriage to a green card holder is irrelevant - you must have your own visa to stay in the USA.

If an immigrant overstays his work visa but marries a green card holder how long does it take to process the paperwork?

If an immigrant overstays his work visa but marries a green card holder: can he get work authorization & how long does it takes to process the paperwork? can he get a green card & how long it takes to process the paperwork?

What is the green card?

A green card is an identification card which gives you the permission to live and work in the United States permanently (with a few exceptions, for example, if you commit a crime).

What do you need to travel outside the us with a green card?

Using the green card and passport you can travel abroad provided the stay outside US is for a maximum period of 180 days. If you plan to stay for more period of time you should file for reentry permit which is valid for 2 years to reenter US using immigration form I-131 travel document. After a year as a green card holder if for work or any purpose you need to stay outside US you can preserve your residence in US for naturalization purposes later.

How can you get a green card to work in US?

To apply for an Employment-Based Green Card, a foreign applicant must be sponsored by a qualifying U.S. employer.

How long does it take for a person who has a work permit to get a green card after getting married to a US citizen?

To get a provisional green card the time period would be about a year and a normal green card would be about three years.

If you come to America and get your Green Card can you work abroad and still remain a resident of US?

If you have a green card you are not allowed to leave the United States for an extended period of time. If you live and work in another country you could loose your green card. The way around this problem is to become Nationalized.

Can you travel the US without a green card?

Yes, but you are likely to need a visa. You only need a green card if you are going to live or work in the US.