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If you only had light spotting and a bit of cramping and it has all stopped you may be pregnant.

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Q: Can you still be pregnant if you had light spotting on the day of your period along with cramping?
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Can you still be pregnant if you have what looks like your period followed by a small amount of cramping at two months along?

yes you can still be pregnant wen having your period and i know because my mother was pregnant with me and still having her period normally but the dr said it is very very ulikely

Can you be pregnant and still have heavy bleeding?

It depends on how far along you are, or if you think you have recently gotten pregnant then yes you can still have a normal period. Some women have a period throughout their entire pregnancies. HUGE tip You can get pregnant if you are on your period and have sex. If you are having a lot of cramping it could possibly be a miscarriage. It can be numerous things see your doc

Can you experience what feels like cramps and be pregnant?

Some cramping is normal during pregnancy. How far along are you? Usually cramping is a sign of uterine contractions. If your at the beginning of the pregnancy and there isn't any blood, i wouldn't worry. Even a small amount of spotting would probably be ok. Otherwise, call your doctor.

Are there signs such as cramping when you miscarry?

Yes, cramping is a sign of miscarriage along with spotting. Go see your dr or medical clinic. The craming is actually contractions and in some cases worse than actual labour.

How far along am i had a normal period in aug and dark spotting for two days in sept which should you go by to calculate your pregnancy?

From what I have been reading about implantation bleeding I would say that the dark spotting is that. I would say that you should estimate a week before the dark spotting and that is when you got pregnant.

What are the signs if your pregnant with your period?

if you're in the early stages and you're only spotting, its okay. But if you're farther along and there is noticeable blood see a doctor immediately it could be a miscarriage.

Do you have aBdominal pains if your pregnant?

Yes, when I was about 7 to 12 weeks along i had minor cramping that felt like the cramps I got when I was on my period but my doctor said it is usually caused by your uterus stretching.

Can you be pregnant if you missed a period last month but not the next month?

Yes, some women report "spotting" while they are pregnant. Although this is not a very common occurrence and more common among older women. Spotting while father along in a pregnancy can also signify a miscarriage. See the related link for more information.

Is it possible to have bleeding and cramping while pregnant?

depending on how far along you are and how much bleeding? Any bright red bleeding versus more typical menstrual dark red or brownish blood ? If you are further along in your pregnancy you need to call your doctor or be seen immediately if bright red or more than spotting.

What does cramping nausea and fatigue mean?

Cramping, nausea, and fatigue can be signs of pregnancy. These symptoms, along with tender, swollen breasts, and frequent urination are the first signs of pregnancy, after a missed period.

Could spotting be the cause of something else besides pregnancy?

Spotting does not cause pregnancy. I assume you mean "does spotting indicate anything other than pregnancy?" The answer to this is, of course, yes. Spotting could indicate spotting. It's probably you period being finicky, or something along those lines.

Am I pregnant I am on the mini pill and also breastfeeding but I've had spotting and menstrual type pains. along with sensitivity to smells and nausea?

Take a test

If you are six weeks' pregnant is it normal to have bleeding and cramping like a period?

No not usually. Get to the hospital immediately. Definitely call your doctor and let them know what is going on. Well I had the same thing and my pregnancy has been totally normal.That is why I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was almost 3 months along, because I thought it was a normal period. You should call your doctor just to be safe.

How far along pregnant do you have to be for you to have a miscarriage?

You can miscarry before you even know your pregnant and just think it's a late period

How far along are most people when they first find out they are pregnant?

When they miss their first period.

Is spotting weeks before you scheduled period while on birth control normal?

Its actually very normal, along with other symptoms i took the pill and I'm on the patch now and it still happens. and some people actually have there spotting flow like there normal period.

Can you still be pregnant and get a short period like 3 days nd have really bad cramps and back pain?

Yes!! I had a period that was about three days long with my first pregnancy--cramping the whole works. I figured it was a regular period and went on with my life. I did have a few pregnancy symptoms, but blew them off because I thought I had a normal period. A month later when my period did not come, I did a HPT and got a BFP. Ultrasound revealed that I was 4 weeks further along then what we thought, so I really was pregnant when I got that short period.

Yeast infection followed by late period with brown spotting?

I had the same thing happen to me and I was pregnant. I would take a test to make sure. You should not be treated for a yeast infection until you are 12 weeks along. I had to live with it for that long and then I could treat it.

Is cramping normal at 5 weeks pregnancy?

im six weeks along an i started to get cramps at 4 weeks i thought it was my period till i discovered i was pregnant so yes it is normal the dr. says it was in fact my uterus growing an stretching to prepare for the baby.

You have been having cramping for the past 3wks along with spotting and a large amount of discharge Dr did internal and said could be uterine infection but could you be pregnant?

Cramping could be a symptom of many things: gall bladder problems, appendicitis, intestinal blockage, kidney stones, uterine infection -- to name just a few. If you are pregnant, or think you may be, letting these symptoms go for three weeks unchecked is a very bad thing. You may have already aborted. If your doctor hasn't done anything about it, you need to get a second opinion.

Could something be wrong if you are 8 and one half weeks pregnant and you were cramping regularly but were told everything was fine but now you're not cramping at all?

It's common when first pregnant to feel cramping and being bloated among other symptoms. It's all about hormones. No, there isn't anything wrong with you now because you are further along. Please keep in close contact with your doctor while pregnant. Don't miss those appointments! Congratulations Marcy

How far along do you have to be before you have pregnancy cramping?

I got pregnancy cramping in my second week but every one is different.

You have your period but symptoms of being pregnant?

Possible to be pregnant. Some pregnant women have their periods every month throughout their pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you think you're farther than 2 weeks along AFTER your period ends.

How do you term a pregnancy before a month of being pregnant?

you count how far along you are by the first day of your last period. So by the time you miss your period you are technically considered 2 weeks pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend came in you and the next day you got your period?

No. Your period is where the lining of the uterus is shed. Any egg that was ovulated is shed along with it.