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Yes, you can and you probably are. If you are three months pregnant, a miscarriage would involve quite a lot of blood. The bleeding can result from lots of different things and is probably nothing dangerous. However, it would be a good idea to go to your doctor to check it out, just to be on the safe side (even though the discharge has now stopped).

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Are you pregnant if you have brown discharge before your period?


Is brown discharge normal at 6 months pregnant?


Is brown discharge a week before your period means that you are pregnant?


What does brown discharge with a light period mean?

You might be pregnant

My period was late i took a pregnancy test and it said not pregnant i am having brown discharge and have for about a month what is going on?

the brown discharge may be your period in a different color

Could you be pregnant if you had a miscarriage over four months ago and have had one period and you were due four days ago but are only getting brown discharge?

It is possible you are pregnant. As long as you have had a period since your miscarriage you know that your cycle is back on track. A brown discharge could be anything. Take a preg test and be sure.

Pink and brown discharge before your late period started could you be pregnant?


Is brown discharge on your panties part of being pregnant?

I'm bout 3 months pragnent ang lately I have been seeing brown discharge.

You have brown discharge with a bad smellwhat could it be?

the beginning of your mestural period.

Brown discharge instead of a period?

i had brown discharge today.I think its your period .

3 day late period came on was light with no cramps after brown discharge can you be pregnant?

No you are not

If you have never had a period and usually have clear white discharge which have had for ten months two days ago it turned brown and don't know if it is the period or just discharge?

Yes, that brown discharge is the start of your first period. It may be brown, red, or a bit orange-colored. All of these are normal.

Can you be pregnant with a tubel and brown discharge?

can i be preganant with a tubel and brown discharge ?

Could you be pregnant if you are 2 months late for your period and you have light brown thick discharge for 5 days then bleed for an hour then have light pink discharge 2 days husband had vasectomy?

take a urine test to be sure

What if brown mucus discharge till 6 weeks even if you are pregnant?

If you are 6 weeks pregnant, this brown discharge may be old blood from your last period. However, you should speak to your Doctor about this incase it is an infection.

What Causes brown discharge after period?

See the related link on what causes brown discharge after period.

Is it normal to only get the brown discharge instead of your period for the last two months for a virgin teenager?

yes its normal , if your period is late you can have brown discharge also it happens after periods and it mean its cleaning out your vagina and old blood looks brown.

Could I be pregnant if my last normal period was March and I have on and off light brown discharge the whole April?

Yes you could be pregnant.

Why do you have brown discharge?

Brown discharge is usually from leftover blood after your period. Are you on the pill? That can also cause brown discharge.

What are the colors of your first sign of your period?

Well, at first it can be clear discharge for up to a year. Then, when you get brown discharge you get the real deal after about 4 months.

If you missed your period and spotted 2 days after you spotted dark brown discharge and a day after your period started but it was light can you be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if you had brown discharge instead of a period and brown discharge again 3 weeks later this time lasting for a week and now you've had regular bleeding for a week?

Its unlikely your pregnant but there is a possibility. So do a pregnancy test.

You were a day later coming on period before you had a clear gel discharge during period blood gel discharge in it when finished got like brown yellow discharge and symptoms of pregnancy am i pregnant?

Signs of pregnancy are a missed period and positive pregnancy test. Take a test to find out if you're pregnant.

What does it mean when you have brown discharge in your underwear and on the tissue when you wipe is it your period?

The brown discharge is a sign that your next period is coming.

Why you have brown discharge instead of period?

Because once you start your period you are able to become pregnant. So when you are pregnant you are not supposed to bleed down there or you need to contact some one.

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