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yes, some women never even "feel" pregnant. missed periods are a dead giveaway and of course positive pregnancy tests! ~pawsalmighty

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Q: Can you still be pregnant if you have no real symptoms besides mood swings missed periods and weight gain?
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What are pregnancy symptoms Can you have uti for a symptoms become pregnant?

Breast changes,fatigue, nausea and missed periods are theearly symptoms of pregnancy.

Does spotting or prolonged periods or missed periods mean Im pregnant?


Is backache a symptom of pregnancy before you missed periods?

no it is not if your are pregnant the pregnancy is not progressed enough for back aches but keep a close eye for other symptoms

How did women in history discover they were first pregnant?

They missed their periods.

How many missed periods tells you could be pregnant?


You take your pill everyday and you have missed two periods?

your pregnant

You have missed two periods and im not pregnant?

go and see doctor

You have missed your period you have no symptoms and you have a negative pregnancy test what is going on with your body?

Missing a period has many causes besides pregnancy. Many women (especially adolescents) have irregular periods to begin with. Stress, illness, and poor diet can also cause missed periods. See your doctor if this continues. One missed period is not cause for panic.

Is there a complication if you missed your period twice or is it a sign that you are pregnant even if you do not have pregnancy symptoms and you do not feel like you are carrying a baby in your womb?

Hi, Not all missed periods are caused by pregnancy. A lot of missed periods that are not caused by pregnancy are usually caused by irregular periods, stress, stopping the pill or hormonal imbalance. Best thing to do is see your doctor and have a blood test.

What are some symptoms of being pregnant before a missed period?

Some symptoms of being pregnant before a missed period are nausea and dizziness. You may also have some breast tenderness.

What are the symptoms of being pregnant before your missed period?

breast tenderness

What are the side effects of missed periods other than being pregnant?

stress or illness can cause a missed period

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