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Q: Can you still get braces if one of your teeth is half a porcelain cap?
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How long does it take to get braces put on your top teeth?

hour and a half

When do you get your braces off?

It depends on how much work needs to be done to your teeth, or how straight your teeth already are. My teeth were relatively straight, but I still need braces, in fact, I have them on right now. I will need mine for 1 and a half years, but I have a neighbor who needs hers for 3 years, her teeth were pretty bad (no offense to her), again, it depends on how crooked or straight your teeth are/were before you got/get them.

Can a retainer alone without braces fix about a half a centimeter gap between your front two teeth and the two next to them please answer ASAP thanks?

I have braces now and I don't think a retainer would fix gaps because retainers are meant to keep teeth in place after having braces, they aren't meant to move teeth !! Sorry man

Is this normal to have your braces on for a year and a half if you only had two crooked back teeth and a slight over bite?

Yes, And there might be a problem with the alignment of your jaw two...? That what it i with me, My teeth aren't that bad but there gonna be on Over a year and a half.

How long does the braces procedure take?

It depends on what your case is.If it's just straightning , u get it about a year and a halfIf its pulling teeth closer to each other it takes 2 yearsand so on ...I have braces :D

What do you get if you have an overbite?

First: They give you a retainer for 2-3 months. *It Depends One How Your Teeth Look* Second: They put braces on your teeth for 1 half of a year *Same Thing With Retainers*

What is the cost of a retainer for a 14 year with straight teeth with an overbite will the she need braces or a retainer?

Either just braces or both. I am 10 yrs old and i got my molds for my retainer yesterday and i will have that for 1 year and a half to 2 years. then i will get my braces for 2 years.

What are you allowed to drink when you have braces?

Wearing braces doesn't come with any restrictions regarding drinking. but, if you want to drink sodas or bubbly drinks with sugar, i would drink it with a straw because that steers it away from the teeth. i have had braces for 1 and a half years and i havent had a ny problems with that yet.

My four bottom teeth are a little bit crooked and im thinking about getting braces how long do you think I will last with them?

i would think about a year and a half or 2

Is it easy to get a line from on your teeth from braces and teeth rotting?

I had lines in my two front teeth from braces. after many years they got deeper and two months ago one of my front teeth actually broke from where the line was on down. I have half a tooth now and the other one is starting to break. what a nightmare. i brushed and flossed and used flouride and listerine and my gums actuaully got better as i got older but now this! I don't know what to do

What treatment does the orthodontist recommend if you have a teeth gap about a half centimeter in your lower jaw?

Braces, trust me they'll put a set of em just on ur lower teeth unless u have other teeh probs, My boyfriend has he same thing

Is it possible for a 15 year old to have baby teeth?

Actually, no it's not impossible. My friend is 15 and a half and she still has 2 baby teeth left.

How does it feel when your getting braces?

If you get spacers, it feels like a really bad headache. Then, the actual braces feel like a half inch metal on your teeth. If you run your tongue over them, you might cut it. When they are tightened, it feels like a really bad headache. When I first got braces, I had to eat a lot of soup, smoothies, and sweet potatoes because it's hard to chew until 2-4 weeks. But, definitely brush your teeth everyday when you get them.

How long do you have Braces?

it depends on how bad ur teeth are, i have to have mine on for a year and a half cuz of my gap and i have slight crowding, but there was somebody in my ortho office and he had his on for 9 years and was getting his off that day.

How long does it take for braces to correct an underbite?

About a year and a half

My teeth are okay but the problem is that i have 2 crooked teeth next to my 2 front teeth but other than that my teeth are fine. How long would i have to have braces?

It all depends on the circumstances. Given yours, I'd say around two years which is the norm in most cases. The minimum would be a year to a year and a half. The more severe your case is, the longer you have to have them on. Good luck!

How long does it take until braces are put on?

Probably two sittings of around half an hour each is required before braces can be put. First cleaning of the teeth (Oral Prophylaxix) is done whereas in the second visit molar bands are put. Then after braces are put. There is no hard and fast rule for this; its just up to the patient and the orthodontist. It can be put the same day or even more sittings.

Do pigs have sharp teeth?

They have teeth though they are not half as sharp as a vampire bats teeth.

Why are renesmees teeth special in Breaking Dawn?

Renesmee's teeth are special because they are that of a vampire's, although she is half vampire and half human.

Do braces cost the same the second time around?

no, probably around half the price.

If you use teeth effect bands to close your gap and afterwards get a retainer would the gap stay closed?

I have found from personal experience that a retainer doesn't do much for gaps. It didn't for me. I had about a half centimeter gap in between my two front teeth and the orthodontist used bands to hold the gap. He did this for over a year, yet when I got my braces off and started using a retainer, the gap was back in a month. My teeth continuing to drift may have something to do with my age. I had braces from 10-late 12. I have heard that your jaw is softer when younger and that it hardens with age, thus keeping teeth in place. I'm not totally sure on this though.

How big are lion teeth?

The lions' largest teeth are 3 and a half inches long.

How does your teeth work as a wedge?

Becase your teeth split food in half like a wedge.

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