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It is a little too late to put the condom on afterwards. Yes you can get pregnant with unprotected sex.

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Q: Can you still get pregent if we had unprotect sex and then after 5 min later wear a condom?
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Can i still have a period but at the same time pregnancy symptoms and tests show negative?

You can still have one period and still be pregent You can still have one period and still be pregent You can still have one period and still be pregent

If your 16 with a baby are you consider and adult?

no just because your 16 and pregent does not change that your still a kid or teenager

Can you still get pregnant if he came in the condom?

No so long as none of his semen came out of the condom into the Vagina.

If you use a condom are there still days when you can get pregnant?

if the condom did not rip or tear of then your more likely not too.

If you were wearing a condom ejaculated into it and put another one on like 5 minutes later can she still get pregnant?

Not unless you had no barrier when you ejaculated into her. If you had the condom on and ejaculated into the condom while you were inside of her, then exited her and changed condoms (unless the condom broke) you could not get her pregnant. The only way for her to get pregnant is if you ejaculated into her or emptied your fluids into her (and most condoms have spermicide). If neither are the case, it is nearly 0% chance that she could get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant with a 'wrapper' on?

I am assuming that 'wrapper' is slang for condom, and yes, it is still possible to get pregnant with a condom, though it does reduce the chances.

Can you not get crabs but still have sexual contact?

Of course. Wear a condom.

Can you get you period and still be pregnant if you didn't use a condom?

Your question is unclear but yes you can get pregnant if you don't use a condom. You can get pregnant if you do use a condom. If very rare cases you can have a period when pregnant

What does rubber mean in slang?

A condom. Many are still made of latex .

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If you were sucked by a person with condom still you have chance of getting hiv?

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