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u can if u have AR but u need national dex to get pal park to get regis from gameboy

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How do you get past those guys in the fight area that leads to the survival area?

Yes, you must complete the pokedex and talk to Rowan and get the national pokedex.

What is Pokemon no 114?

If you are talking about the Sinnoh Pokedex, the Pokemon is Unown. If it is in the National Pokedex, I have no idea. But it should be easy to find on one of those online pokedexes.

Where do you get the Pokemon squritle?

Squritle is not one of the starter Pokemon in those games, but you can catch it after you get the National Pokedex.

How do you get past those two guys who are blocking a path at the fight area platinum?

obtain national pokedex

Is there a difference between the pokedex and the national pokedex?

Yes, the national pokedex is the pokedex that holds every Pokemon from every generation whereas the pokedex itself means a pokedex for one generation. For instance; In Red/Blue/Yellow the three starter Pokemon make up the numbers 1 , 4 , 7 and in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald the three starter Pokemon also make up those same numbers 1, 4, 7 In the national pokedex the ruby sapphire emerald starter Pokemon are numbers 352, 356 and 360 (i think) and the red blue yellow are 1, 4 ,7 because they are the first generation.

What are the fire type Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl after you get the national pokedex?

just remember all the fire types on all the eirler Pokemon vertions, those are all of them on the national.

How come you need the regis to get regigigas but you need regigigas to get the regis in platinum?

you get the regis in emerald ruby or sappaire those are the only way

How do you get the national Pokedex in Pokemon y?

Beat the elite 4 and go too lumiose station when professor sycamore is there when you go into the building those twins should appear they give you the national dex

How do you get pass those two guys buy blocking route 225 in Pokemon platinum?

you need to get the national pokedex first because there are kanto & hoenn Pokemon there.

How do you get the people out of the way to get to the resort area?

In order to make those people move and let you pass, you need to find all the Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex. Once you have found them all and you recieve the National Pokedex from Oak, the two people blocking your path will be gone.

Is there anything to do after Pokemon league on Pokemon pearl?

there is a awful lot to do after the poke leaguelike catch all those legendrees battle tower contests national pokedex ect ect etc

Where to get the dome fossil in Pokemon?

Well if you have Fire Red or Leaf Green then you can get it in a cave after you beat the first gym. But if you don't have those games then you can get them underground in Pearl, Diamond , or Platinum after you get the national pokedex.

How do you get totadile on Pokemon Diamond?

To get totadile on Pokemon Diamond you have to finish the Sinnoh pokedex and the National pokedex. When you finish both of those you have to go to professor Birch and he will say he has 3 Pokemon that he found with his son and cant take care of them on his own and wants you to take care of one. -Growlithe Girl

What are the Pokemon you need to get in order to get the National Pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

You don't have to get any Pokemon to get the national pokedex in platinum, but you do have to see every Pokemon in sinnoh. Don't worry, if you're thinking "Oh no! How the heck am I gonna see all those Pokemon?!", you shouldn't. If you battled as much as you could, you saw every Pokemon in sinnoh, even if you weren't a fan of tall grass.

The shortest Pokedex 100 complete code for platinum?

if you want to complete you pokedex faster you can get your friends to show you those Pokemon while battling

What are all legendaries in Pokemon Pearl?

there is azelf,uxie,mespirit(those 3 you get when you go to the lakes after catching palkia),palkia(save the master ball Cyrus gives you),cresselia(can only get when you talk with the little boy in the sailors house in calavane city then go and talk to the sailor who leads you to iron island),giratina(can get when you have the national pokedex and you go to spring path),heatran(go to stark mountain,talk to buck,go through, when your done, go talk to him again in the house that is next to the poke center in the survival area,then go through stark mountain again and at the end is him),zapdos, moltres,arnicuno(those 3 you can only get when you have captured mespirit and cresselia),darkai,shaymin,arceus(those 3 you can only get with cheats), regigegasis(can only get if you have all regis),rotom(get when get national pokedex then at night go to the old chateau an look at the eerie TV),

Where do you get a super rod in Pokemon Platinum?

when you get the national pokedex go to the battle area and where those people were blocking you are gone go up and next to the first building you arrive to there is a man talk to him and youll get the super rod

Where do you see drifloon and burmy in diamond you need to know to get the national dex?

ok listen to get drifloon you go to the vally windworks next to floraroama town on Friday and you press a on drifloon you battle and obviously catch him use a Pokemon lv15 or under because drifloon is lv15 .next to catch burmy you need to buy hony from that dude in floraroama town and slather the honey on those yellow trees all around the sinnoh region .and last but not least to get the national pokedex you need to complete the sinnoh pokedex then go to sandgem town and talk prfessor rowan in his lab and he will upgrade your pokedex to national mode

You have 14 ribbons but you cant get in the resort area why?

u need national pokedex when those annoying people are blocking the way to the resort area. if u are trying to get in that place where a women doesnt even let u in then i dunno

Is there more than 493 Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

493 is only how many the pokedex says there are. But Pokemon like shellos there is two types but the pokedex only counts it as one. Arceus evolves into different types if you use a certain type of stone and the pokedex still only counts all those combinations as one. If you want to see it for yourself check out this website:

How do you get Dialga in pokemon platnum?

You must:1) Have the National PokeDex.2) Have talked to Cynthia's grandmother.3) Find the Adament Orb inside Mt. Coronet.Only after those steps will you be able to battle Dialgain Spear Pillar.

How can I complete the National Dex if I don't own a GBA and GBA Pokemon game to migrate to my platinum?

Well, in Pokemon Platinum, all you have to do is see the Pokemon rather than capture it so if you're able to battle a trainer with that Pokemon, it will still count in your Pokedex. However, you can also make trades with people who do have those Pokemon or borrow a GBA game from a friend.

How do you get all three regis?

the only way you can get them is to have to have regigiga and the only way you can get him is to have the 3 regis and to get those you will need to have ruby, Sapphire or emerald and pal park so you can have 2 of each pretty cool right

Is the pokedex same in Pokemon pearl and diamond?

if you are wonder if the pokedex is the same for those games well if you have Pokemon fire version or any other game for Gameboy then yes its a little different. but the pokedex for Dimmond or Pearl is the same as the one in Platinum version. hope this helps

Where could you find maganum?

if you mean maganum, the evolved form of chicorita, i do believe that after you beat the E4 and get the national pokedex, professor oak will give you one of those starters. otherwise you don't unless you trade or use action replay(cheat).

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