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depends on what type of operation and what caused the tooth ache - if it was an abcess or other type of infection most doctors wouldn't operate. ASk your doctor and/or dentist to be sure.

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Q: Can you still have an operation if you have a bad toothache?
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Can you still undergo surgery if you have a toothache?

Yes if you have a toothache can they still do sergury inside your mouth?

Can toothache cause bad headaches?


Can lemon extract help toothache?

yes it can I had a bad toothache and i took a q-tip and put it in the lemon extract and it really works.

What are the symptoms of a cavity?

- Toothache after eating sweets, cold or hot things - Holes in your teeth -bad breath and bad taste in your mouth -discoloration or darkening, especially between your teeth -toothache

Can a toothache be a pregnancy symptom?

Toothache is a symptom of something wrong with your teeth, not pregnancy. If you are pregnant and have toothache see a dentist as pregnancy can make your teeth go bad very quickly as the baby uses your calcium.

Are imperial mints bad for you?

No, but dont eat too many as they will give you toothache

Can a toothache cause bad headaches?

Yes, But not so bad you are light headed , just a little thumping is usual.

Is a toothache bad for marapets?

A toothace is considered an illness, although it doesn't much affect your pet. To heal your pet from a toothache, obtain a toothbrush and use it, or go to the hospital.

Has an adult ever cried because of a toothache?

Yes, if it hurt them that bad and they were in tremendous pain.

How long does a toothache last?

A toothache can last for weeks or months until you visit a dentist. Orajel tooth desentisizer is very good on toothaches.The natural course for an untreated toothache caused by a cavity or other decay is: bad ---> worse ----> abscess --->death. This is generally viewed as bad. Inserting a visit to he dentist early in the sequence can avoid the abscess/death part.

Best medicine for toothache?

There are several great medicines for a toothache. A couple of great toothache medicine is Orajel and Red Cross toothache medicine.

Why have i still got toothache after having my tooth removed?

Maybe a dry socket or infection

How do you calm a toothache?

Hi! I hope your toothache is not too bad. What you have to do if you want to make your tooth calm is make the tooth numb. You can do this by purchasing Toothache/Gum Ache number, such as: Anbesol Orajel Both are the same, but I think that Orajel burns a little more than Anbesol. Hope I helped!

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Is salt bad for teeth?

well i think salt is not bad for teeth because if you have a toothache you usually put water in your mouth and salt then gargle !!!!

Is the treatment different for persistent toothache and intermittent toothache?

When talking about a toothache , the best person who can answer all your concern is the dentist.

Why do cavities hurt?

Because they are bad guys inside your cavity such as bacteria hitting it with a hammer chipping it out.....I'm experiencing a bad toothache right now

How do you shake a toothache?

Go to the dentist. There are many reasons for a toothache.

When was The Alligator's Toothache created?

The Alligator's Toothache was created in 1962.

How do you get rid of a bad toothache?

Try washing your mouth out with mouthwash. Avoid too hot or too cold foods.

What can a pregnant woman take for a toothache?

what can a pregnant woman take for toothache

Is bactrim good for toothache?

My 29 yr. old daughter has a toothache. She had Bactrim from a previous UTI last year. Can the Bactrim be used for a toothache?

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Can you have surgery with a toothache?

Yes, and no. It depends on how severe the toothache is, and how much swelling of any.

Can z-pak be used for toothache?