Can you still like females and desire to be a female as well?


Kinsey was the first psychologist to propose that sexual orientation is not clearly defined as a black or white situation, but rather as on a spectrum. This means that for sexual orientation, it is nearly impossible for someone to be entirely heterosexual or entirely homosexual, but that almost everyone falls somewhere in the middle.

The same can be said for sexual identity. It is nearly impossible for a man to be perfectly satisfied with being born a man, and just as rare for a man who to be entirely unsatisfied with being born a man. Most people fall somewhere in the middle.

Given this, you can be a mostly heterosexual male who is generally okay with being male, but still a part of you desires to be female. Also given this logic, there is a small percent in nearly everyone, gay or not, that finds women sexually attractive, and there is a small percent in nearly all men that desires to be female.

Ask any man, however macho, if he would like to be a woman for a day. Most that I've talked to are more than curious about such an idea.