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no you can not because you will end up with some sort of stomachache

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โˆ™ 2010-11-24 19:33:54
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Q: Can you still use box cake mix after the expire date?
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Can you use box cake mix older than 2 years?

yes sounds yummy!! :) If its stored carefully. Check the expire date. :) xx

Does gum expire?

yes gum does expire you can find the expirey date on the box when you buy it.

How long does box cake stay good in the refrigerator?

If it is still in the box (just the mix), then it can last for a week or two after the expiration date on the box. If the cake has already been prepared and baked, then it can last for a week or so if stored properly.

Where is the expiration date on the Pillsbury cake mix box?

on top of box

How long before a magnum condoms expire?

The expiration date is on the box.

Does pepto bismol expire?

Yes. Check the bottle/box for the expiration date.

Does frontline plus expire?

Yea the date should be on the box or on the tube of medicine.

Is it safe to use boxed cake mix after date on box?

NO !!

Can an enema expire?

Im not totally sure on that one but I would assume so, Check to see if there is an expire date on the box of what ever brand you use

Can cake mix go bad?

Yes, just like flour has an expiration date. That box of cake mix should have an expiration date on it somewhere.

What does the expiration date mean on the cake mix box?

It means that your cake mix is probably too old too cook.

How long does a box cake mix last at expiration date?

4-5 months

What does use through on a boxed cake mean?

It means that the contents will still be fresh until the last date printed on the box. If a month is given, the contents will be fresh until the end of the month.

Cake mix that is 4-5 years old Is it still good?

Probably not, but check the box for an expiration date. If you can't find one, err on the side of safety and throw the mix away.

Does rice expire?

Yes, it will expire, if you want proof, just look at a MINUTE brand rice box and you'll see that it will expire.

Does velveeta cheese expire?

Yes, the expiration date should be printed on the box. But stangely enough, it does not need to be refrigerated. That's kind of scary.

How many eggs do you add to box cake mix?

The mixture of ingredients is on the cake mix box.

Can condoms expire?

Yes they can. Check the box

When does Motrin expire?

Look on the Bottle/Box.

How many box cake mixes are needed for a 14 inch round cake pan?

for an 14 in round cake pan, you only need 1 box

What if a cake mix has gone beyond the date on the box?

It'll be a disaster. If the mix has gone beyond the recommended date, it'll probably explode in your oven. If it doesn't do that, when you eat it you will slowly turn into a cake yourself. You'll notice your fingers at first, but then your whole body will be cake. Then you will start to crumble and die, and dogs will eat all your crumbs.

How many layers does an 18.5 box of cake mix make?

usually 1 box of cake mix makes 2 8in. rounds or one sheet of cake.

Does hostess still make raspberry filled powder donuts?

Yes, just bought a box yesterday. Here in Colorado, they are NOT sold in retail stores, only in Hostess thrift stores. But the store had about 20 boxes, with expire date of June 16, so they are fresh.

Can you put a box cake in a 10X15 sheet cake pan?

Sure, why not.

What is a recipe for 7up cake or cupcakes?

This is a good recipe for 7up cake or cupcakes: 1 box cake mix (any flavor) 1 can soda - whatever flavor you think will go with your cake flavor. mix together and bake as directed. Such as 1 box cherry cake 1 can cherry 7up or 1 box vanilla cake 1 can 7up or sprite.