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Q: Can you substitut onion powder for garlic powder?
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What can you substitute for onion powder?

garlic powder

What can be substituted for onion powder?

It can be left out or you can use garlic powder.

What is the chemical formula for onion powder and garlic powder?

there isn't any

What is the difference in taste of onion salt and onion powder?

Onion salt tastes like "salty onion". Onion powder just tastes like "onion". I use both onion and garlic powder a lot, but have never used either onion salt or garlic salt, so I can use salt independently (control the amount).

Is there a substute for onion powder?

There are a few options when substituting for onion powder in a recipe. Onion salt, dehydrated or dried onions, fresh onions, or garlic powder are all options that can be used. In most recipes onion powder can also be omitted.

Is there a substitute for asafetida powder?

1/4 teaspoon onion powder plus 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder to equal 1/4 teaspoon asafetida powder. Caution the equivalency is NOT exact since true asafetida tends more to the onion flavour rather then the garlic flavour. Perhaps best to use heaping teaspoon gor onion powder and levelled off teaspoon for garlic powder

What are some good spices to put on perogies?

I use onion powder and a little garlic powder when frying them.

Are garlic and onion considered seasoning?

garlic is but not onion...................

Which anti caking agent should use in garlic and onion powder to prevent lumpings?


What is the best marinate and rub seasoning for pot roast?

I use garlic powder, steak seasoning, italian seasonings, onion powder, and curry.

What spices are used in Mexican food?

Cumin ( comino), garlic, chili powder, peppers, black pepper, onion powder, Mexican oregano...

How do you substitute granulated garlic for garlic powder?

Use the powder and not the granulated garlic.

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