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Bread Flour

Can you substitute bread flour for all-purpose flour?

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Can you substitute multi grain bread flour for regular bread flour?

yes, you can

What is the substitute for bread flour?

All purpose flour.

What is a substitute for bread flour?

corn meal

Can you substitute bread flour for regular flour?

i would thank so

Can you substitute bread flour with all purpose flour?

In general, yes.

Can you substitute all purpose flour for bread flour to make bread?

yes of course you can! yes of course you can!

What do you need to substitute regular flour for bread flour?

wheat gluten powder..

How do you make whole wheat bread?

You use a regular bread recipe and substitute half of the flour with whole wheat flour.

Can bread flour be a substitute for all purpose flour in a cupcake recipe?

Add 2 additional tablespoons of bread flour to the recipe for each 1 cup of flour that is called for.

What is the best substitute for bread flour?

Bread flour is a high protein flour, usually between 12-14% protein. You need this to develop the gluten, all those little strands of protein which form the structure of the bread. Cake flour has a very low protein content, which makes for tender cakes (not chewy!) The best substitute for bread flour is all-purpose flour, preferably unbleached.

What do you need to do to substitute bread flour for cake flour?

omit any baking powder from the recipe

Can you substitute whole wheat flour for whole wheat graham flour in bread recipes?


Can you use strong bread flour as substitute for all purpose flour?

yes you can adjust the water

Can self-rising or wheat flour be substituted for bread flour?

Add 1 teaspoon Wheat Gluten to each 1 Cup of white or wheat flour to substitute for bread flour.

Can you substitute all purpose flour for baking bread when it call for unbleach flour?

Yes, it will work just as well.

Can you substitute white whole wheat flour for white flour when making banana bread?

yes you can. it tastes the same!

What would be the substitute if there's no raisin flour?

You can use other types of flour. (White, wheat, bread, cake, ect.)

Can you substitute baking flour for baking soda?

Not to bake stuff like bread. You can substitute 1 baking soda for 2 baking flour to make reductions. You can substitute 1 baking soda for 1 baking flour for gags (throwing on someone in the shower).

Are there any substitutions for teff flour?

Teff can be used as a substitute for wheat. If you are making injera bread but teff flour is not available, you can use wheat flour, rice flour, or barley flour.

Can you use bread flour as a substitute for self raising in a cake recipe?

i would have to say no

Can you substitute bread flour for self rising flour?

Add 1 1/4 tsp. baking powder for each cup of flour. Bread flour may not be preferred if making biscuits, cakes, or pastries. Use cake flour or all-purpose flour for those.

Can you substitute all purpose flour instead of bread flour when baking?

Yeah of course that's pretty much why it's called ALL- PURPOSE flour

What is a good Egg substitute for dipping eggplant to make bread crumbs stick?

i suggest to use flour batter ins ted of egg batter which can be substitute just mix some flour and water by whisk. which will be help for coating bread crumb

Can you use wholemeal bread mix as wholemeal flour?

No, wholemeal bread mix should not be used as a substitute for wholemeal flour. Wholemeal bread mix contains other ingredients in addition to flour, including a leavening agent, salt, sugar, flavorings and preservatives.

Can you substitute all purpose flour for bread flour?

If you add wheat gluten to your recipe, maybe a tbsp or so (depending on how much flour? tbsp per 1 or 2 cups of flour?), that will serve as a substitute. Most often you can get good results with the substitution. Bread flour has more gluten and thus holds more CO2 from the yeast to make fluffier breads.