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Can you substitute pineapple juice for pineapple nectar?


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Yes, you can, a nectar is a watered down version of a 100% juice

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Orange juice would probably be the closest in flavor.

Apple juice, peach nectar or apricot puree all make good substitutes for apricot nectar.

Yes, as long as you do not use pineapple juice. this prevents the gelatin from setting.

No. Or maybe yes. It depends on what you mean by "substitute for". Pineapple juice is significantly lower in Vitamin C and higher in sugar and calories than either lemon or orange juice. However, if you've got a recipe for an orange smoothie, and you want to make a pineapple smoothie instead and you're not particularly concerned about the nutritional aspects, you just like pineapple more than you like orange, go for it. In cooking, I doubt it. Pineapple juice is very sweet whereas orange and lemon/lime is acidic which is what the recipe called for.

Pineapple juice is made by making the pineapple concentrated to sell as juice.

Clarified pineapple juice is a natural pineapple juice which gets filtered to remove the pulp. The taste and texture of clarified pineapple juice is more refined. Many brands prefer to have a clarified pineapple juice for canning purposes.

There is no recipe for pineapple juice. Pineapple juice is pure juice that is pressed or squeezed from the fruit. You can put the fruit into a blender or smoothie maker to turn it into juice. No sugar or other ingredients are needed.

Is pectin used in unsweetened pineapple juice

Lemon Grass if you can find it... You can use real lemon, real lime or bottled lime juice and sometimes pineapple juice will work depending on what you are making. Marcy lime , pineapple and orane hice will all work as long as it is acidid

Probably not because pineapple juice is FULL of acid.

The boiling point of pineapple juice is 80C approximately. Pineapple juice can be considered either alkaline or acidic. Its composition depends on the season and geography.

there really isn't a substitute for cranberry juice.

Juice is pure liquid, typically squeezed, from fruits or vegetables where nectar is juice with additives, sugar water for example.

Pineapple essence from the supermaket or even use the pineapple juice

Pineapple juice on its own does not dissolve kidney stones. Pineapple juice helps to cleanse the kidneys while other dissolving agents take effect.

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Yes, you can substitute reconstituted lemon juice for fresh lemon juice.

Finely strained tamarind pulp/juice. If you don't have that, Or a squirt of agave nectar, very small splash of beet juice and a splash lemon juice. You can make the beet juice by processing in your juice, blender, or food processor, then fine straining. If you don't have that go to the store and buy some POM!

of course i made an ice block out of pineapple juice before :) trust me it's fine

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