Can you sue a hotel for bed bugs?

Yes of course...but I assume you also wish to win any lawsuit you pursue and therein lies the difficultly.

Firstly you must prove you were bitten at the hotel. Of course, the hotel will argue you were bitten at the last place you stayed (home etc). To conclusively prove you were bitten at the hotel you must produce evidence of the bugs being at the hotel and in your room.

Secondly, you must prove your hotel was negligent in its actions to avoid you from being bitten by these nasty creatures. Could it have occurred to the last person who stayed in the same room as you and the hotel did nothing about it?

Thirdly, if your hotel is a large chain they will have a team of lawyers and deep pockets so beware as the costs for litigation may not be worth your while.

Not altogether impossible however if you can answer these three points with conviction then suing may be a possibility for you.