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Yes, you can sue any state.

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Q: Can you sue the state of Texas?
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Can an employer sue an employee in Texas?

Employers can sue employees in every state.

Did roe try to sue wade?

Wade represented the state of Texas and Roe did not try to sue, she did sue.

What state was the first to enact legislation that allowed consumers to sue an HMO for malpractice?

Texas. Texas. Texas.

Do you sue the state of Texas in district court in the county in which you reside?

You must get permission from the State Attorney General's office in order to bring a suit against the State of Texas.

What has the author Nancy Wiley written?

Nancy Wiley has written: 'When Sue Pretends' 'The great State Fair of Texas' -- subject(s): History, Pictorial works, State Fair of Texas

Can a car dealer sue you for taking a car out of state?

I bought a car in Texas, then moved out of state, I still made payments, but not I'm behind. I intent to start paymants up again, but now the dealer is saying that he is going to sue me, Can he?

How do you sue the Department of State?

Can I sue the Department Of State

In Texas can you sue your husband lover for breaking up your marriage?

The state of Texas no longer recognizes alienation of affection as a reason for a lawsuit. However, you may be able to sue her for something else or under a different jurisdiction depending on the circumstances. To find out about your specific situation, check with an attorney.

As a citizen of Alabama a person to sue the state of Texas in federal court but the courts said this could not be done because of which amendment?


How can you collect your child support overpayment?

Depends on the state. Texas allows overpayments to be requested from the person who received them although they knew they were not owed. If not, you can sue them. Check you state laws.

Can you sue a woman who had an affair with your husband in the state of Texas?

There are two reasons 'Alienation of Affection and criminal conversation which unfortunately have been abolished in the State of Texas. It is your husband that is the problem (he's out hunting for women) and you should legally go after him and not the woman.

Can you sue a city in Texas?

The right to take a government entity such as a city, state, or even the country as a whole, to court is honored throughout the United States, including Texas.