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Yes, its called sue for divorce!

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Q: Can you sue your spouse for cheating in Texas?
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Can spouse sue person your spouse is cheating with?

I don't think they can sue you but, they can get affairs and divcores.

Can you sue a spouse for cheating in Michigan?

Sue for divorce, yes. Sue the other party for alienation of affection.

Can you sue your spouse for impregnating someone during your marriage?

No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.

Can you sue your cheating husband?

You cannot sue your spouse in most jurisdictions. The exception is divorce. You can sue him for divorce to end your marriage.You cannot simply "sue" your husbnd for being unfaithful but many states still allow adultery as grounds for divorce.

Can you sue if your wife cheats in CA?

I live in California and I never heard some cases about a spouse suing the spouse because of affair or cheating. The only way a spouse might get in trouble is when and if his having an affair and not supporting his children under age. But for a wife getting in trouble because of her cheating, it will be hard.

Law definition of adultery?

Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse. Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse.

Term for cheating on a spouse?

cheating ANSWER: what about Adultery and Adulteress

What to say to a cheating spouse?

Get out!

What are the consequences of cheating spouse?

Cheating your spouse is not a good thing. It could land you into loneliness and other miserable feelings.

Why does your spouse constantly tease that you are cheating?

Your spouse teasing you or not talking is common. They are feeling left out as you are cheating on someone else.

Can you sue your spouse for personal injury during divorce?

Yes, you can sue your spouse for personal injury during a divorce. You can sue as long as you received a personal injury caused by your soon to be ex spouse.

What the consequences for a cheating spouse?


Can you sue for alienation of affection in Texas?

No. Texas Family Code 1.107: "A right of action by one spouse against a third party for alienation of affection is not authorized in this state."

Can you sue your spouse for injuries from a car accident in Texas?

No. You and your spouse are considered to be in the same household and are covered on the same insurance policy most likely. This would be like suing yourself, which you cannot do.

Can you sue your wife for cheating?

Answer I'm not completely sure if you can sue your wife for cheating, but perhaps under extreme emotional stress you could sue her, better if you contact a lawyer.

How can you understand that your spouse is cheating on you?

you shouldn't have to understand.. cheating is not acceptable in any relationship

Is cheating on your spouse illegal?

No, but it is frowned upon.

Can you sue a dead person's spouse for crime?

No, you cannot sue their spouse. You may be able to sue the estate, particularly if the estate was enriched by the crime. Cases of embezzlement come to mind as a possibility.

Is having sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse considered cheating even if you have your spouse's consent?

It is consented but in a way it still is cheating on them

Can a spouse sue you for adultery if they are with someone themselves?


Can you sue your spouse over money?

Yes you can sue your spouse over money, that is if he is not giving you money properly, or if he is waisting it on drinks, gambling , and sex.

Can the spouse of a co-signer who is not involved in the loan sue the cosignee if the spouse enters into a new agreement with the co-signee to pay off the loan and the co-signee defaults?

How can they sue for non-payment if they are not part of the agreement? Why wouldn't the spouse sue?

'How can you tell if your spouse is cheating with an ex?

You just have to pay close attention the the actions of your spouse.

What is Cheatin?

" Cheating" is when you sleep or had sex who is not your spouse. And sometimes you fell in love with this person who is not your spouse..

What is the tell tale financial sign of a cheating spouse?

If a spouse wants clues to check them out financially checking credit cards to see if the cheating spouse is staying in motels or hotels; check phone records; bank statements or how much money the cheating spouse is taking out of the bank from a joint account.