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Yes you can switch carriers and keep your no. if you give the provider you're switching to your PAC code to get this simply contact your current carrier!!! (That's the story here in Britain anyway)

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If you needed to do this before 2004 then the answer would have been �no� but as of May 24, 2004 this has become a possibility. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has passed a mandate which requires all cell phone carriers to allow Wireless Local Number Portability, which essentially is a service whereby cell phone users get to keep their existing cell phone numbers while switching to another service provider.

Earlier when cell phone users wanted to change their carrier, just the thought of giving the new cell phone number to all their family and acquaintances was enough to dissuade them from doing so, even if they were unhappy with the services of their existing carrier. But with the Number Portability rule coming into effect, service providers are now obligated to let subscribers leave with their cell phone numbers thus making it possible to switch to new carriers (which was also possible before Number Portability provided a user did not mind changing his cell phone number).

Number Portability has come as a boon for people who wanted to change their cell phone carriers for various reasons such as lower rates, better coverage area of the new carrier, and unsatisfactory service provided by their existing carrier. On the flip side, it is definitely not good news for service providers as it has increased competition in an already heavily competitive market. Now they not only have to come up with new ways to attract customers, but also have to worry about keeping the existing ones. Alarmed by this scenario, companies are starting to adjust and alter their ways of conducting business. Some have lowered their rates; some have completely revamped their service departments; while some have announced new schemes like family share plans, in a bid to keep subscribers from switching to different carriers.

On the whole Number Portability seems like good news for cell phone users, but it does come at a price. Cell phone carriers have already started charging an extra fee so as to �cover� expenses related to developing technology to make number portability available. You might also be required to pay certain charges such as early cancellation fees to your existing carrier if your contract has not expired.

Number Portability has hence proved useful for people wanting to switch carriers and keep their cell number, but has placed an additional burden on people not looking to do the same.

One main thing to keep in mind is the L in WLNP. Wireless LOCAL Number Portability. You have to be switching from one carrier in your LOCAL area to another carrier in your LOCAL area. Say if you move from Maine to Florida. You cannot keep your same number. If you move from NYC to upstate NY - you cannot keep your same number. It must be the same local area. This is the part of WLNP that was never explained correctly when they changed this rule. There should have been more of an emphasis on the local part when they were promoting it.

Please know that to keep your number while switching carriers you must not discontinue your service with the carrier until the switch has been made by the carrier you are switching toooo!!!if you discontinue the service, you are feed. and yes, you can switch carriers and change your number.

Yes, make sure you tell them right away (when you change carriers). I've kept the same number for over 6 years now & I have been with 3 different carriers. You just have to make sure you tell them when you are changing carriers. Most companies ask you if you want to bring your current number with you. They will handle everything for you, all you need to do is call them & sit back and relax.

Also, make sure you do not cancel your current cell phone account until your number has been ported. If you do this, you will lose your number. Also, if you are switching to an unlimited plan, you may be able to get a great deal on your phone.

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Q: Can you switch carriers but still keep your cell phone number?
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