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Can you take Ativan and zopiclone together?

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Yes, if your doctor prescribes both. There are no listed adverse drug interactions for this combination, though you will likely feel quite sleepy, which is probably what you want if you take those two together.

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You will get extremely drowsy. You'll be in a very sedated state. Talk to your doctor about taking them together as they have similar qualities. They both make u tired.

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is it safe to take zyban with zopiclone 7.5 zopiclone

Can u take lortab with Ativan andwhats reacction

I have taken all those together, but obviously not at the same time. Just dont take too much of alp. and zopiclone. I think those (alp. /zopiclone) are the most Im worried about combining, but I think is ok in small doses. Venlafaxine should not have any bad interaction with xanax and zopiclone.

yes i take oxycodone with it and serazone and ativan..

No. Together they can cause more drowsiness.

Yes there are no known interactions between the two drugs.

Ativan and fioricet are both prescription drugs. A doctor or pharmacist will be able to let you know if the drugs can be taken together.

They compliment each other.

Ativan and Zyprexa do not mix and can cause serious health issues including death.

can you take ativan with zoloft

Yes, you can take suboxone and ativan together. Suboxone does not block the effects of ativan. However, taking too much ativan with suboxone, could cause respiratory failure. So, to be safe, stick to the prescribed dosages of both medications.

Carefully, as they compound the effects of each other.

Yes actually just did it.... great feeling

Ibuprofen and Zopiclone have no known drug interactions, therefore they can be taken together without any worries at all. Dr. Jacob M. Deese, MD

Taking Xanax and Ativan together is absolutely UNSAFE. They are both in a class of drugs called Benzodiazepines. The main difference in the two is that Ativan is longer lasting than Xanax. I am no Doctor, but I would advise strongly against taking these two drugs together.

It is safe to take Co-codamol with Zopiclone. If you are unsure, please contact your physician.

No you do not want to take two depressant medications together.

Yes. It is common to give daily Paxil (paroxetine) to reduce anxiety and depression and as needed Ativan (lorazepam) as needed.

This seems like a very dangerous combination.

Yes party on as long as doctor prescribed.

While the official stance is that the two drugs can be taken together, you might not want to. COX 2 drugs such as naproxen can block the action of Ativan, which can cause you to have withdrawal symptoms.

Yes, just don't combine with alcohol which will intensify the effects of the Ativan (lorazepam) making it unsafe to drive or operate machinery.

I've been on both together for a month now and doing fine so far.