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Q: Can you take Cefuroxime for Sinus infection and Azithromycin for Mycoplasma?
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Can azithromycin cure a sinus infection?

Most sinus infections are viral, and most sinus infections to not respond to antibiotics. Contact your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

What is craztronin prescribed for?

Craztronin is often prescribed for infections such as a sinus infection. The drug is an antibiotic who's main ingredient is Azithromycin.

Does azithromycin work for sinus infections?

A cold, the typical cause of increased nasal mucus, is viral and will not be altered by taking azithromycin.

What words have the root sinus?

sinus infection

Can dicloxacillin be used to treat a sinus infection?

Sinus infection is due to viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Dicloxacillin can very much be prescribed to treat a sinus infection caused by staphylococcus bacteria.

Can you wash your hair if you have a sinus infection?

Yes it is perfectly acceptable to wash your hair when you have a sinus infection.

Can you take suprax with a sinus infection?

Will suprax use for sinus infection

Can nose bleed cause sinus infection?

Yes sinus infection causes nose bleed.

Can you catch a sinus infection from kissing?

well depends what kind of sinus

What is the condition of sinus inflammation and congestion called?

A sinus infection, or sinusitis.

What problems can a sinus infection lead to?

The sinus infection itself might not even be an infection but could be the sign of a worse illness, so if the conditions that you think are a sinus infection dont go away you need to get it checked out as it could be due to pressure in the skull.

Who can get a Sinus Infection?

People with noses.