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Can you take Lexapro with Xanax?


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June 12, 2013 11:21AM

Yes. My girlfriend was prescribed both Lexapro and Xanax for sporadic severe anxiety and panic attacks resulting from a traumatic experience that had occured two years prior. She has been on it for about four weeks but the side-effects (nausea, constant drowsiness, impaired sex drive, 'spacing out') have become severe enough that she consulted her doctor was instructed to ditch the Xanax and take half of her Lexapro dosage. It appears that taking both would only be beneficial if the symptoms they are prescribed to cure are long-term and the patient fully understands the possible side-effects of the medication.

Yes, the two drugs are not mutually exclusive. However, Xanax (aprazolam) being a temporary tranquilizer, is typically not prescribed or intended for long stretches of time. Tolerance and withdrawl/habit forming effects being part of the reason. Xanax has a half life of roughly 12 hours, which makes it ideal for dealing with bouts of isolated anxiety. Certain side effects can be exacerbated with the Xanax such as upset stomach, drowsiness and decreased libido but this you already know. In short, since I can't and won't tell you what to do, talk to your doctor and tell him or her everything.
My Doctor prescribed both to me years ago. I was on Lexapro and Xanax 2mg and I'm fine.