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Can you take birth control while you are 21 weeks pregnant?


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There's no benefit from taking birth control when you're 21 weeks pregnant.


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You can get pregnant while on birth control but if you take it everyday at the same time like you should then it is highly unlikely.

No, birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy. You can become pregnant while on birth control, as no method is 100% effective, but it isn't the birth control that makes you pregnant.

yes you can anytime you stop taking your birth control you are increasing your chances to get pregnant. And also to you can get pregnant while on birth control sometimes

You should not take birth control while pregnant. Not at all.

Yes. You can get pregnant WHILE you are on birth control.

Yes, you can. While birth control is reliable, there is no birth control that is 100% effective.

No, there is no increased rate of miscarriage for women who are pregnant while taking birth control or who get pregnant after stopping birth control.

No. Birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy only. Birth control does not stop an existing pregnancy. It is not safe to take birth control while you are pregnant.

You should't be taking birth control if you are trying to get pregnant

Yes, no birth control is 100% affective.

If you have been on birth control for over 4 weeks and have been taking it continuously, then there is no risk of pregnancy.

If you take your birth control correctly you should not get pregnant. Only if you take a ton of sperm and rub in you could you get possibly pregnant, but not while on bc.


If you're pregnant there is always still a possibility that you can have your period.Regardless,You should not be on birth control while pregnant unless instructed to do so by your doctor. Taking Birth control pills while pregnant can lead to birth defects or death.If you think you're pregnant, consult your Doctor about pregnancy and your birth control.

Unfortunately, the answer is YES! Birth control is only 99% effective. The only sure way to not get pregnant is to not have intercourse!

No you discontinue taking birth control pills when you become pregnant. Birth control is a method used to prevent pregnancy. You are already pregnant so birth control has no use. Also, it may possibly cause bad side effects to continue taking birth control pills while you are pregnant.

Until you have had at least one full menstrual cycle on the birth control pills, you can get pregnant. You also can still get pregnant while on the pill -- they are 99.9% effective -- leaving that slight, slight chance of pregnancy.

That would be foolish. Birth control pills prevent pregnancy.

Birth control is meant to prevent pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant, stop taking birth control. When you stop, you can try to conceive immediately. There is no medical need to wait.

If you suspect pregnancy has occurred when taking birth control, you need to have the pregnancy confirmed by your Doctor. If you indeed are pregnant, you must stop taking birth control as it can harm the unborn child.

These answers regarding Birth Control are wrong and misinformed. You CAN get pregnant while taking birth control pills as they are only 99% effective. There is also no medical proof that continuing to take the pill while pregnant (unknowingly of course) will harm the foetus.

Yes. However you decrease the chances by taking your birth control correctly and by using condoms.

There is no "follicular phase of menstruation" when you're on hormonal birth control.

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