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Does it matter who signs the check to pay for a policy, either the insured or the beneficiary for tax purposes.

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Q: Can you take out a life insurance policy on your 21 yr old child without his knowledge and name yourselves as the benificiary?
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How can you find out if life insurance has been taken out in your name without your knowledge.?

How can you find out if life insurance has been taken out in your name with or without your knowledge.?

Can another Insurance agent take a split on commission without your knowledge?

Only screwed insurance agents will take a split on commission without your knowledge.

Can your employer cancel your health insurance without your knowledge?

Your employer cannot legally cancel your health insurance without your knowledge. If an employer chooses to cancel your health insurance he or she must notify you.

Can you take an insurance policy out on a spouse without the spouse's knowledge?

Not a life insurance policy....The insured party would be considered the policy owner therefore it could not be issued without their knowledge & consent.

Can someone take out a life insurance policy on me without my knowledge?

They can if it is bought while you are a minor, otherwise it is insurance fraud and is illegal without your consent.

Can you take out a life insurance policy on someone without their knowledge?

The only way that you can take out life insurance without someone knowledge is if they are a minor and you are the parent. Any other way the person (Insured) must sign the application. These days Insurance companies are even strict on the owner of the Life Insurance for the Insured. There must be an Insurable interest.

Can your spouses employer or spouse remove you from a family insurance policy without your knowledge?

yes they can

Can a son take a life insurance for his mother without her knowledge?

No, Not legally. you must get her signature on the application.

Is it legal to take life insurance out on someone without their knowledge?

It is not possible to take out insurance on a person with their knowledge. The insured must answer all underwriting questions and sign the application as well. The only case where this would not be true is if the insurance is being taken out on your minor child.

If your ex-husband got term life insurance on you when you were married and was awarded the policy at the divorce can you have the benificiary changed without telling him if he pays on it?

On most life insurance policies only the owner of the policy can make benificary changes. So it really doesn't matter who is paying the premiums, but rather who owns the policy.

Can your spouse get insurance for you without your knowledge?

not legally. You would have to sign the application, answer the medical questions, and often have a physical.

Can your insurance carrier raise your deductible without your knowledge?

No, they must inform you of changes to the insurance contract. However, if they sent notice, they will usually have file information on when and where sent.

Can you find out if someone has a life insurance policy out on you?

No one is allowed to have a life insurance policy on you without your knowledge. You would have to sign off on the policy before they could get it.

Can I change the beneficiary on my insurance without my spouse's knowledge?

Many insurance companies will not let you change your beneficiary, if it is your spouse, without their knowledge. You will have to contact your insurance comapny to find out. Contact your insurance company. Your spouse won't know you've changed it. If they need to send you a new policy, ask them to let you pick it up at their local office. If they can only mail it to you, be sure to collect the mail before your spouse sees it.

Can you apply for LIFE insurance for your uncle without his knowledge?

Although you can buy a life insurance policy on your uncle if you have a legitimate insurable interest, the insured is normally required to complete an application.

Can an adult child insure the parent without their knowledge?

Yes,life insurance can be obtained by any one for anyone.Its kinda sad.

Knowledge without wisdom?

Knowledge without wisdom can be dangerous.

Does your husband have a life insurance policy on you?

Your husband cannot legally obtain life insurance on you without your knowledge. And most companies require at least a cursory physical before agreeing to insure someone.

Can you drive your friends leased car on your fully comp insurance?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. You cannot insure a vehicle that you do not own on your insurance policy no matter what kind of coverage you have. Your insurance policy will not pay anything even if you have added the vehicle on your policy without their knowledge.

In Pennsylvania can a wife purchase a life insurance policy for her husband with herself as beneficiary without his knowledge or signature?

No. You must have the signature of the insured person.

Can a parent get life insurance on a child that is married without the spouses knowledge?

Is the child willing to sign the application and take the physical? I don't see why not.

do they have plans for people without insurance.?

do they have plans for people without insurance.

Can you take out insurance on your spouse without their knowledge?

No you may not. The insured must sign the application and in most cases be subject to a paramed exam based on the amount of insurance requested. The one exception to this rule is an individual may purchase some life insurance thru work (if available) up to a certain limit for their family members without their signatures or knowledge. People buy life insurance for 3 reasons. Love, character or a divorce decree. If your spouse is a person of character and if he/she loves you, they will sign on the dotted line. 4lifeguild

If unlicensed driver in New Jersey takes his mothers car without knowledge and gets in an accident what will happen with court and insurance?

Your mom could loose everything by being sued by the other drivers insurance company. Because you are unlicensed and took the car without permission her insurance company will not cover the accident and you are likely to get a ticket.

Can I drive without vehicle insurance?

Yes, it is illegal to drive without insurance or without having sufficient insurance in Arizona. You will have 30 days to provide proof of insurance following an accident.

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