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Yes, my favourite is oliver bot. all you have to do is type it in Google! easy as pie! x

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How do you make a robot talk?

You take a program called MINDSTORMS Edu NXT that works with the robot called NXT thin when you buy the robot you have to program him with the program in your computer then you have a thred you put one of them in your com. and the other one in the robot you dwonlod it and like this the robot can take.

A gynoid is humanlike male robot-computer?

It is false. ... a female robot.

What are the concepts of a computer?

computer robot has security the computer.

Can you play chess against a robot?

If by robot you mean computer, then yes, you can play against a robot.

Is cosmos a computer or robot?


Are robots computers?

is a robot a compuer yes a robot is a moving computer..

Is a computer a robot?

A computer is not a robot. Many robots will have different types of computers in them to help them operate properly, i.e. in car manufacturing.

What is the website to talk to an internet robot?

What distinguish a robot from a computer?

A robot is a mechanical or virtual agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program. A robot's appearance or movements distinguish it from a computer.

What you need to get to make an electronic robot?

i actually didn't get it and my question is that what are the devices of the robot to make it talk?

When the computer invented?

a great computer is invent in 1997 by shivangshivang1 which is robot

What are the release dates for Robot Astronomy Talk Show - 2008?

Robot Astronomy Talk Show - 2008 was released on: USA: 28 November 2010

How does Steven Hawkings talk?

he types is on a keyboard and a computer analyzes it and uses a robot voice to make it sound like hes talking. you can do it with most cell phones.

How can a computer help design a robot?


How a computer is working in the future?

Like A Robot

What is RAH in a computer?

It is a robot who eats your database

Is Alvin and the chimpmunks a robot?

No they are computer generated.

Is a computer a robot or machine?

probably a machine .. :)

Is there an online game where you talk to a robot?

sensation bot

What 3 things make a robot a robot?

What makes a robot is its computer brain and its way to work in its enviornment. It uses its brain to interact with its surroundings.

Which type of computer would you recommend for controlling small robot?

super computer

How do you become a robot programmer?

you have to be in love with a computer and then marry it. =]

What distinguishes a robot from a desktop computer?

Arms and legs.

Can you play robot miner from on the computer?


How do you make a robot on doodle devil?

Mechanism + Computer

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