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Make sure it is in fact a birthmark and not something malignant like skin cancer. If it is frequently exposed to the sun, I wouldn't recommend it as if it became covered you may not realize that something is wrong. Answer I have a koi tattoo on my arm going over a small birthmark i had, its right by the eye of the koi but is still just as visible as it was before the tattooo although now it just looks like it was intentionally put there, a dark color may cover it but if its a lighter color than your birthmark it will show right through

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Q: Can you tattoo over a birthmark?
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Can i tattoo over my birthmark?

Go into a tattoo shop and ask.

Can you tattoo over a tattoo that is not old?

You have to wait for the tattoo to fully heal before you can get it tattooed over the top again.

Name something permanent on a criminal's skin that police use to be sure they've got their man?

tattoo, fingerprint, scar, birthmark

Will a tattoo artist do a tattoo over spider veins?

yes they will go over it

How do actors cover up tattoos for movies?

Make up such as dermablend ( covers about any blemish, birthmark, or tattoo you may have!

Can girls get a birthmark on their nipples?

Well, that's a tough one. A birthmark is called a birthmark because it is something that you have when you are born. It isn't something that you add later. That would be a tattoo or other body art. So, no, you can't get a birthmark if you don't already have one, but yes, a birthmark can appear anywhere, including on a womans nipples. You can get a tattoo almost anyplace as well, but you might want to ask how much it will hurt... they are especially painful on sensitive parts of the body. Birthmarks can appear anywhere on the human body. Some birthmarks are caused by extra color pigment under the skin, while others are blood vessels that bunch together and do not grow right.

Can you get a tattoo in the UK when you go over there for a holiday by your cousin if you are 14?

You have to be eighteen or over to get a tattoo.

Can you shave the hair that grows over a tattoo?

Yes, you can shave the hair over a permanent tattoo. It should not take off the tattoo at all. If the tattoo is a few weeks old be careful for it to HEAL first.

Can black tattoo ink go over black tattoo?


Where is Selena Gomez's birthmark?

Her birthmark is near her stomach.

Is a birthmark scary?

If you pee on your birthmark it will swell down

Where is Georgiana's birthmark in The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne?

Georgianna had a small birthmark on her cheek, on her face; it was the shape of a tiny hand.

Where is michael jackson's birthmark?

The closest thing he had to a birthmark was a mole on his cheek. He did not have an actual birthmark though.

Can you tattoo over an area that had a tattoo removed by creams?

no it will take more then100years

Can you tattoo white over black?

only if you can get to the tattoo shop but seriously yes and no

Does Anne Hathaway have a tattoo?

I'm not sure, but 45m 50s through Rachel Getting Married (straight after Rachel announces she's pregnant) Anne Hathaway turns around & on her right shoulder there appears to be tattoo, birthmark, or a large bruise/injury...

Can you get a tattoo over stretch marks?

Yes. you can get a tattoo over stretch marks and guess what it even hides the stretch marks.

What is an example sentence using the word birthmark?

She was born with a cute heart shaped birthmark on her wrist.

What does the birthmark symbolize in Hawthorne's book the Birthmark?

God's Hand

What if you have a star birthmark?

If you have a star birthmark, it means you are super cool.

What does the number 7 mean when its a birthmark?

Number 7 birthmark

Where is Justin Bieber birthmark?

Justin Bieber's birthmark is on his shoulder.

When was Woman with Birthmark created?

Woman with Birthmark was created in 1996.

Can you tattoo over a tattoo with womens foundation?

I have tried, and its impossible if not very difficult. I was not able to.

How do you cover up a birthmark?

To cover up a birthmark use concealer.