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Write to William Safire at The New York Times. This is the kind of question he explores in his weekly essay on language. He has probably covered it, and if not, he (or someone at the paper) can give you some leads.

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What was the attitude of Billy's father toward using traps to catch raccoons in Where the Red Fern Grows?

Billy's father doesn't like the idea of using the traps to catch raccoons. He thinks that it isn't a fair way to catch them.

How long is the movie Catch 44 with Bruce Willis?

Approximately 94 mins.

Who taught the pilgrims to catch fish?

The Indians that they became friends with! :D

How did sport originate?

From Spartians Bolder Throwing Became into catch we know today

Does pass interference count as a passing attempt in football?

If the penalty is accepted, it is no catch. If the penalty is declined, yes, the pass attempt counts.

How do you catch a shiny on Pokemon Black Version?

The chance to find a wild shiny Pokémon is approximately 1/8192.

How long to take the train from Southampton to Waterloo?

Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes depending on which train you catch.

How do you catch shiny Pokemon in SoulSilver?

Getting a shiny Pokemon is 1 out of 8192 Pokemon you've encounter (which is approximately 0.012207%).

You are two months behind on your mortgage payment but plan to catch up this week Will your payment be accepted?

Yes. But there's going to be late fees too.

What lesson did you learn from the movie accepted?

Lies catch up to you with time. Even though you keep trying to cover it up. But at the end, fight for what you believe in.

When did Harry Potter become an auror?

He became an Auror just after the war had ended where he helped catch the Death Eaters who had avoided capture. He then became head of the department when he was 27 (2007)

What temperature does bread burn?

Your average peice of white bread would burn or catch fire at approximately 189 degrees (F).

Why do some people get anorexia?

People do not 'get' anorexia, they give it to themselves. It is a mental state that gives it to you. If you are bullied about getting fat or want to look 'beautiful' the way the media see it, became may became anorexia to became this way. however it is not something you can simply catch

Where does the expression can of corn come from?

In the Early days Grocery Stores were not self-serve and the cans of corn would be stacked at the top. Store owners would use a stick to knock down the can and catch them. It was an easy catch and so an easy catch of a fly ball became just a "Can Of Corn".

How long does it take to travel from Glasgow to Aberdeen?

The time taken by train from Glasgow to Aberdeen is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes depending on which train you catch.

How does a Pacific Loon get its food?

Pacific Loons have a diet that mainly consists of fish, and are able to dive upto approximately 200 feet underwater to catch their prey.

What do predators have that can help them catch their prey?

Their size, their speed, and their their abilitiesAdditional answerPlus exceptionally good eyesight, in the case of some birds. Also sheer attitude and extendable claws, in the case of cats.

What are the qualifications to become a softball player?

For young people there aren't really any qualifications. You just have to have a good attitude and the want to play. For older people you have to be in decent shape and know how to throw and catch a ball.

Do they catch pollack on the deadliest catch?

They catch cod as a by catch.

Where can you catch an Abra?

You can catch them on the route where you catch the Kadabra...

How do you catch homosexuality?

You cannot catch homosexuality.You cannot catch homosexuality.

What is present future tense of word catch?

Present tense of catch is catch only but present participle of catch is catching

How do you get a Thick Club in Pokemon Crystal?

You must catch a wild Cubone or Marowak in Rock Tunnel with one, or use Thief to steal it from said wild Cubone or Marowak. There is approximately an 8% chance for them to have it.

What are the release dates for Catch-As-Catch-Can - 1927?

Catch-As-Catch-Can - 1927 was released on: USA: 1 June 1927

Why did megalodon go extinct?

There are likely several reasons why the Megalodon Shark became extinct: -The rise of the Panama isthmus blocked off breeding grounds -Killer Whales may have preyed on Megalodons -Great White Sharks out-competed the juveniles -Whales became faster and were harder to catch -The climate became colder and Whales moved to warmer waters