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GREEN BUG, BRIDGE GUN CO. Crescent Fire Arms Co or J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co made these for Shapleigh Hardware Co of St Louis. Shapleigh dates from 1868 (to the mid 1960's I think), Crescent from 1893 to 1930, and Stevens A&T from 1886 to 1915.

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Q: Can you tell you anything about a shot gun that has green bug or green bay from bridge gun company?
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What are facts about Bridge Gun Company?

old company made a lot lot of shot guns, including the 410 black prince

What is the value of a Bridge Company Black Prince single shot 410?

$75 in top condition.

What is information on a 12 gauge single shot shotgun with a single hammer manufactured by Bridge Gun Company?

BRIDGE GUN COMPANY Tradename used by Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis, Missouri on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company c. 1893-1930.

Where can you find information on a Bridge Gun Company 16 gauge single shot shotgun?

Bridge Gun Company and Bridge Gun Works were trade names owned by Shapleigh Hardware Co of St Louis. The guns were made in Belgium by H. Pieper and Anciens Etablissment Pieper and in the US by Crescent, Stevens, and Harrington & Richardson. There's a good chance that a single shot would be a Stevens Model 94.

How do you find info on a single shot 12 gauge shot gun from Bridge gun company?

Try the "2009 standard catalogue of Firearms" 19th edition. In any large book store.

What is a Bridge Gun Company 20 gauge shot-gun with the serial number A653or 8703 worth?

50-150 USD

12 ga double barrel shot gun bridge gun company?

Store brand, inexpensive, utility grade, 40-90 or so

What is a sixteen gage single shot Bridge Gun Company Black Prince worth?

$75 if in excellent condition, $35-$50 in typical condition.

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Bridge gun company black prince 20 gauge single shot shotgun serial number a669926 history and worth?

Inexpensive; made @ turn of the century, 40-100 USD or so

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