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Can you trade a ds lite in for a different ds lite?

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Yes you can OR you can trade your Nintendo DS, $100 and 2 unwanted games for a Nintendo DSi.

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Yes you can trade a DSi for a DS Lite at Gamestop.

no. you must trade your ds lite for something of equal or lesser value

You can maybe trade a ds lite at game stop,but you still have to pay 75 dollars

It would be pointless to keep the charger unless you have a second DS Lite with which to use it. The DS series have different types of chargers for each individual DS, so a DS Lite charger would not work with a DSi.

The DS is much older than the DS lite so the value is less. You could trade it but you'll still have to pay out of pocket for it.

While you can't trade an older system for a newer one, you can certainly trade a DS/DS Lite in for credit at GameStop or stores like it.

Trading between an DS and a DS lite is the same as between a DS and a DS. There is no difference.

you can trade your ds lite in at game and usually get £75 so you only have to pay half the price for your DSI

No, the Nintendo DS charger is different than the DS lite chager

Well I know if u trade in a gba and a ds lite u dont pay much

You can trade in a DS for a DSi at your local Gamestop. The original DS is $50.00 and the DS lite is 70.00 dollars.

No, the original DS and the lite have different chargers.

Gamestop will pay for your DS or DS lite towards a DSi, but they usually give very little... (I think £50 for a DS lite...) they have an offer now that ends may 31, 2009, where you can trade in your ds lite for a dsi and only have to pay 100 pounds.

A DS Lite is a specific kind of a DS Console. A DS Console is all types of a DS.

yh in game you can trade in a DS LITE and get a dsi for halfprice

=I think that if u trade the DS lite & 7 games in you will get £120.00...=

No, the DSi uses a different charge to the DS lite.

The DS lite and DSi are completely different pieces of hardware. You would have to buy a DSi, you can not turn a DS lite into a DSi

The DS Lite uses all of the same games as the DS. But the DS Lite has a different (smaller) power cord connector.

At Gamestop if you trade your DSi for a DSi XL you get $80 off the DSi purchase($189.99). If you trade your DS Lite for a DSi XL

Yes. Most video game shops will do DS Lite->DSi trade-ins, but you'll likely only get about half of what a DSi costs.

Yes, you can for a certain amount of money. You would get $50 off when you traded in an original DS and $70 off when you trade in a DS Lite.

no, but you can get a discount to trade the ds for a dsi for around 60$

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