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You can, but you won't get the dsi for free. You'll have to trade in your DS and you'll get a discount to buy the Dsi at 60 dollars.

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If i trade in my Nintendo dsi and a game will you get a pink dsi and a game for free?

No, you won't be able to do that unless the game/DSi you trade in are very recent games or limited edition/new.

How can you download free games on dsi?

Go to Nintendo DSi Shop. There will be games where you have to trade in DSi Points for the game and there are some that are free. Just click on the free game and click download.

Were do you get a dsi?

you get it at game stop there's one in Lynn if you have a ds you can trade it in for a dsi and get 70$ back

Can you trade in a Nintendo DSi at game-stop?

Yes and I think you get a discount of a 3ds

Were can you find a cheap dsi?

go to game stop and trade in a ds lite ds or even a gba and get mony of the dsi

Where can you trade a ds Lite in for a dsi?

You can maybe trade a ds lite at game stop,but you still have to pay 75 dollars

Can you trade a Nintendo DS for a DSi at Game Stop?

No,sorry because the dsi is more advanced than the ds lite or ds original. : ( sorry

Can you trade a ds for a dsi half price?

yh in game you can trade in a DS LITE and get a dsi for halfprice

Can you swap your dsi for a 3ds at game?

You can trade in a DSi for money off a 3DS yes. Be warned that the trade in price for a DSi is at rock bottom pretty much.

How much does the DSI game cost?

the dsi cousts a little under $170 if u have a ds or a game boy you can trade them in at game stop. the game boy is $20 off and da ds iz $70. The console was about £150 or less , but the games are about £30.00

How do you unban yourself from flipnote hatena?

trade your dsi at the game-stop and get a new one. But how do you make your self unbanned without doing that

How much are dsi chargers at Gamestop?

DSI chargers can cost 10$ at game stop

Can you trade in your DS lite for a DSi?

Yes. Most video game shops will do DS Lite->DSi trade-ins, but you'll likely only get about half of what a DSi costs.

Where can you trade in your ds lite for a DSI?

you can trade your ds lite in at game and usually get £75 so you only have to pay half the price for your DSI

Can you trade your ds for a dsi?

Yes, you can. At GameStop and other video game stores, there is/was a promotion where you can/could trade in your DS and get extra trade credit towards a DSi purchase.

What is the prices of Nintendo DSi?

At Game Stop it is $150.

Where can you buy a Nintendo DSi for 120?

you could get it in eBay or game stop,or creglist used or if you trade in your old ds they will take 68% off if you take your old one in game stop eBay and creglist are websites}

Can you trade a ds lite for a dsi for free?

no because of the value difference

Can you earn dsi points when you delete a game?

No, DSi points are like money. Once you buy the game, the points are gone. (You still own the game, even if you remove it from the DSi. You can go to the DSi store and redownload it for free. )

Can you get a deleted game back on the dsi?

you can re-download it for free on the shop channel (for dsi and wii)

Where do they sell the Nintendo DSi?

in game stop and best buy

Where can you get a DSI charger?

at best buy,game stop,etc.,

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