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It probably depends on which model phone you have, but the general answer is yes. Some phones come with a memory card (its really tiny) that you can transfer to a different phone, provided its the same model, or to a computer where you can put the information on a new memory card for a new phone. These cards can be purchased at cell phone stores and they will them download your phone's memory onto the card for you.

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How do you transfer memory cards to another phone?

you just slide the memory card out of the old phone and into the memory card slot on the new phone.... most but not all phones will have the slot for one :)

If you saved photos to a memory chip on your phone if you put it in another phone will the photos transfer?

I would think so. If you take a memory chip from one camera and use it in another the pictures transfer. Why wouldn't it in a phone?

How do you fix one little scratch one your memory card for your phone?

You can try a card reader to transfer the memory and just replace the busted memory card..

How to Transfer contacts in Nokia phone to new Nokia phone?

You have 2 take out the memory card out of the old phone nokia 2 transfer 2 the new one!-ur welcum!! :-)

When I transfer my number from one tracfone to another tracfone will the phone numbers and other info transfer with it?

Only if the numbers are stored on the SIM card. If they're simply stored in the phone's internal memory - you would have to transfer them manually.

How does one transfer cell phone data from an old phone to a new one?

There are many ways one could transfer data from one cell phone to another cell phone. One could simply remove the SIM card from the other phone and then save all of the information directly to the new phone.

How do you transfer an update for a game from one ps3 to another?

you can just take the memory card out of the first PS3 and transfer it to the other PS3

How do you transfer memory from one memory stick duo to another?

i would transfer data from one Memory stick to another by putting the files on a computer and then copy + paste on other memory stick! I have done this as my original M Stick was damaged and wanted to transfer file to a new one but my Sony camera does not read it... I can only read the files on the computer.. Why..? Any suggestions Tks

How do you transfer game save files from one memory card to another?

You can transfer game saves from one memory card to another by putting the two memory cards you need (the one with the save files, the one you want to transfer to). Make sure your disc is empty, and then go to the browser in the menu. There, go into the memory card with the save file, find said save file, choose "copy" and it should give you an option to transfer to your other memory card. Hope this helped.

How do you transfer photos from one cell phone to another cell phone?

If you have text messaging you can send the photo to the other phone through there.

Can you watch one piece on your phone?

If you have internet access on your phone you can either download videos to watch from you memory card, or watch online (this uses quite a lot of memory and internet usage) Alternatively you could get some one piece videos on the computer and transfer them via a USB port onto your phone.

How can you put pictures from your sansung phone to computer with out emailing them?

If it has a memory card slot, buy one, put it in, move pictures/files to the external memory, and buy a USB adapter to transfer files. Otherwise there should be a USB transfer cable available from your cell phone provider (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc...)

How do I transfer music from one HTC one phone to another HTC one phone?

You can use the Bluetooth function to transfer music files from one HTC One phone to another.

How do you transfer music to micro sd card for Samsung phone?

I got stuck with this today. I ended up using a card reader, but not much use if you don't have one or you lost the thingy. You could put it on your phone and then transfer to memory card (this takes ages). You could just buy a card reader, depends how much memory your phone has. They're quite cheap.

Can you transfer data from one xbox 360 to another one?

Yes! Although, you are limited to what you can transfer. Since a memory card AND hard drive can be plugged into a 360 at once, you can put data on the memory card, then put the memory card into the other Xbox (the one you're transferring to). If you select the memory card you should be able to "Move" or "Copy" the data on it to your hard drive. Since memory cards have small space, though, you can't transfer data larger than the card itself.

How do you transfer wallpapers from PSP to PSP?

put your wallpaper on the memory stick. than take the memory stick out of your and put it in the other psp and go to memory stick under photo and make it your new background. also you can plug it into the computer and transfer it onto the PC then put it on to the other psp by plugging that one into the PC.

How is the security code hacked?

if you remove your memory card for a long time from the phone or change your memory card from one phone to the other it gets hacked.it happens a lot in micro sd cards

can I transfer minutes from one net ten phone to my other net ten phone?

You can transfer net10 is simple prepaid cellular net10 is always 10cent for minute. net ten phone provides just that and at reasonable page.

How do you transfer files from one memory stick to another?

Insert both memory sticks into the computer. Go to My computer Open up the first memory stick hold ctrl and click all the files you want to transfer press ctrl and c go to the other memory stick press ctrl and v

How do you transfer a phone number from a AT and T phone to a new AT and T phone?

Well AT&T uses SIM cards. so simply switch the sim cards from one phone to the other.

How can transfer credit from one mobile to another?

To transfer credit from one mobile phone to another, both phones have to be from the same company. When setting up the new phone, tell the operator that there are credits to transfer from an old mobile phone to the new mobile phone. TracFone is one of the only phones that let a person transfer credits this way.

How to transfer an sd card from one phone to another?

take it out the old phone and put it in the new phone and waalaa you transfer over ur sim

How do you transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone?

Click the biggest rectangle, "Phone to Phone Transfer". This is quite easy to do. Just plug one end of the cord into the USB port of the computer and the other into the dock connector of the mobiles. First do it with Samsung and then iPhone, so that the former device can be detected as a "Source Phone".

Can you transfer memory from one xbox360 hard drive to another?

Yes. You will need to buy a transfer cable.

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