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Q: Can you travel to Mexico with your leave form?
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Is traveling form rochester ny to Mexico considered international travel?

If you mean NEW Mexico, no; it would be a domestic travel. If you mean Mexico the country, yes, it would be international travel.

Which direction are you traveling if you leave the capital of New Mexico and go to the capital of Minnesota?

You would travel northeast from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Is there a form to leave for caregiver when both parents travel outside the U.S.?


If you wanted to travel form Mexico to Washington which direction do you go?

Northeast would qualify as such

Can you use an expired passport to travel form Mexico to another part of Mexico?

This makes no sense, but I think you mean if with an expired passport you can travel from Mexico to New Mexico or vice versa. In that case no, you need an ID or birth certificate if you are going to Mexico; if you are going to the US state of New Mexico from Mexico you need a passport AND a visa issued by the US government.

Do you have to have a passport to leave Mobile Alabama to go on cruise to Mexico?

Yes you need a valid passport to travel anywhere outside the US and return.

Do you need a passport to travel to Laredo Mexico?

If you live in Mexico then no.

Can you use your passport as a form of ID to travel from Chicago Illinois to Albuquerque New Mexico?

Yes, a passport can be used as a form of identification when traveling from Chicago, Illinois to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The passport nevertheless must be up-to-date.

Is travel to Mexico considered international travel?

From the US? Yes it is, if your destination is Mexico (capital: Mexico City), the country which lies south of the United States. If you mean New Mexico (capital: Santa Fe), that would be considered as domestic travel.

Why did Spain leave Mexico?

They were thrown out.

Do you need a vacnation to travel to Mexico?


Did Christopher Columbus travel to Mexico?


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