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Yes, you can travel with the blinds down in an RV mobile home. If you'd rather have them up, you can do that too.

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How are window blinds used in a mobile home?

Just as in a conventional home, blinds are used in a mobile home to both enhance the appearance of the living space, and shield the interior from sunlight. Blinds in a mobile home frequently are mounted in such a way that prevents them from flapping while the vehicle is moving. This could include a fastener at the bottom, or a rail system down the sides of the window.

Does Home Depot carry budget blinds?

Home Depot does not have a brand called "Budget Blinds," but they do have a great selection of blinds that will fit any budget. They have plantation shutters, rolldown blinds, and a very good selection of wood and faux wood blinds.

How do I protect my mobile home from tornados?

The short answer is: you can't. A tornado will probably destroy even a tied-down mobile home, so if a tornado is coming toward your mobile home, the only thing to do is run for it.

How much are cordless pleated blinds at Home Depot?

Cordless pleated blinds are sold at Home Depot from a price that varies between 50 dollars and 100 dollars. Depending on the quality and the design of the blinds.

Does Home Depot have a contractor that installs window blinds?

yes, home depot will do any installation serviec for your home or your small business. when you buy your blinds, they will schedule an install time with you.

Where is a good place to buy cheap window blinds?

home depot or lows are the best price for good blinds

Does Home&Garden's make blinds?

Not sure what your question is asking? Try a google search for Homes & Garden Blinds.

What companies offer mobile home mortgage?

Most of the popular banks in Canada offer mobile home mortgage. The most popular company offering this is TD Canada Trust Bank. They have many mobile mortgage specialists that will travel to your home to give you the information that you require.

How much cheaper can discount blinds be in comparison to name brand blinds?

"Discount blinds can be much cheaper than name brand blinds depending on where you purchase them. Some stores migh have sales on blinds (such as Lowes or Home Depot. Even in stores such as Big Lots, you can find extremely cheap blinds. I myself found blinds for only five dollars at Big Lots."

Can vinyl blinds be covered with fabric to match my decor?

Vinyl blinds can indeed be covered with fabric to match a home decor.

Where can I find cellular blinds?

Cellular blinds can be found at most home improvement stores including Home Depot, Lowes. There are several stores such as Sears, and Costco that can special order them for you.

Where can you purchase wood blinds from?

JCPenney, Lowe's and Home Depot are nationwide stores that sell wood blinds. For greater variety, there are many online stores dedicated solely to the sale of window blinds.

What are the advantages of wood blinds?

Wood blinds look rich and they show classy taste . Wood blinds are good insulators. If maintained properly they last much longer and can be repainted or repolished at home.

How do i install blinds in my home?

Attach brackets into the wall where you want the blinds to begin and set to the correct width. also, make sure u are high enough and ur blinds will not drag the ground.

What is an example of a pulley in your home?

One example of a pulley that is in your home is the blinds!! Hope that helps!!

Where can one purchase cordless blinds?

One can purchase cordless blinds in a large number of places. One can purchase cordless blinds at Walmart, Ebay, Amazon, Lowe's. the Home Depot, and Big Lots.

How much does mobile home cost?

Mobile home costs run the whole range from 10,000 for a run down but repairable to almost 200,000 for a brand new large double wide.

What is a mobile home grant?

what is a mobile home grant?

Does Home Depot sell quality blinds that are durable?

Yes, Home Depot sells a large selection of quality blinds that are durable and customized. These include wood, faux wood, aluminum and vinyl.

What is the mobile home called?

Unless you've picked a personal name for it, a Mobile home is just a Mobile home .

Where can one read reviews for cellular window blinds?

One can find reviews for cellular window blinds on Home Decorating & Design Forum and by clicking on read reviews when browsing the blinds online whilst shopping.

Are blinds considered window treatments when buying a home?

Yes, blinds, curtains, shutters, valences, shades, and screens are all considered window treatments.

Where did greg go on wimpy wonderland after the antifreeze?

his home. open the blinds.

Mobile home one word or two?

mobile home

Are you allowed tq remove your mobile home from a park?

If you own the mobile home, then you have the right to remove it from the mobile home park, unless you are in a lease agreement between you and the mobile home park.