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Q: Can you treat crohns disease with chemo?
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How do you treat crohns disease?

By eating less protein

What are some of the digestive system?

crohns disease crohns disease

Can nausea be a symptom of crohns disease?

Most certainly. Crohns while active can cause nausea as can some of the medications used to treat the disease. There are however many remedies to control the nausea.

Best diet for crohns disease?

There are many places that offer diet information for those with Crohns disease. One such place can be found here:

What are some dysfunctions of the digestive system?

crohns disease crohns disease

Does crohns disease cause bleeding?

Bleeding is often a symptom of Crohns disease.

Is bipolar linked with crohns disease?

is bipolar and crohns disease linked together

Is there a vaccination for crohns disease?

No. A cause for Crohns has yet to be discovered and until then, a cure or preventative medicine will not be available. For now, the best medical science can do is treat the symptoms.

How many types of crohns disease are there?

There is only one type of Crohns disease. Crohns disease can manifest anywhere in the digestive tract but it is the same disease no matter where it appears.

How can you get Crohn's disease?

There is no know cause of Crohns disease at this time. Research is ongoing as to the causes of Crohns disease.

Can you get Crohn's disease?

There is no know cause of Crohns disease at this time. Research is ongoing as to the causes of Crohns disease.

Can Crohns disease make you infertile?

crohn's disease will not directly cause you to be infertile but some medicines that can be used to treat crohn's can cause infertility

How can you tell if you have Crohns disease?

Your doctor will help you understand if it is Crohns disease after some tests such as a colonoscopy.

Where can I find more information on crohns disease diet? WebMD is a trusted source of information. Also, check with your doctor to review your health needs.

What disease or condition can lead to DUB?

Crohns disease

What does cdai refer to with Crohns disease?

The Crohns Disease Activity Index is a questionnaire used in research to help measure how the disease is affecting the patient.

Does Adam Lambert have Crohns disease?


Is crohns disease infectious?

not at all!

Can crohn's disease be linked to drug abuse?

No. Drug abuse history has never been linked to Crohns disease. Children as young as 3 can develop Crohns disease. Crohns is not something you have done to yourself.

What is included in the crohns diet?

The Crohns diet is a low residue diet. More information aboyt this diet is available at:

Can Crohn's disease be healed?

No. Crohns is not curable but the symptoms can be controlled. Right now they do not even know what causes Crohns disease.

What disease causes you to poop yourself to death?

Crohns disease can do that.

Is crohns disease cancer?

No. Crohns disease is an inflammatory disease of the intestinal tract and is not a form of cancer. Crohns patients are however generally at higher risk for developing some forms of cancer and need to be checked more often.

How can crohns disease be prevented?

Because Crohns disease has not been fully researched as to the causes, it cannot be prevented. Once diagnosed, the disease can be managed but never cured.

What parts of the body does Crohns disease affect?

The standard answer for Crohns disease is from Mouth to Anus. Any part of the digestive system can be affected.